"Family and Friends are hidden treasures. Seek them and enjoy their riches." That is one of my favorite quotations, but I've learned in the past ten or so years that some friends come and go (and some we may find again. ;o) ). And as much as that stinks, it's just reality. For whatever reason, very few friends in our lives (well my life) stick. And that's fine. I realize that people grow and/or change. Or rather the focus of their lives change, and that the friendship may not be what it was. What I find sad is that some individuals (not all, but some) have to break friendships off in such a bad way that we feel like we've been thrown back into that hell that was middle school.

Now, I don't want to go into too many details, but there's this one person in particular. We were what I thought to be good friends. I could feel us growing apart, but tried with everything in me to hold the friendship together. What I didn't realize at the time is that one person can't hold a friendship together, and unfortunately things didn't end well. That said, I can't for the life of me understand why there are still hard feelings two years later. TWO YEARS. Come on. Seriously, people. Just let things be. I know the friendship is gone and will never be again. I grieved for that friendship, then I moved on with my life. To waste anymore energy being angry is just that, a waste of energy. And I don't have the time for it. It does; however, amuse me when I see that person wasting energy (yes, I do have a little evil in me). But it also makes me a little sad (just a little). If that person would spend just a little less energy being angry at the situation, and put a little more energy into her life now, she may would be happier. Just sayin'. Without getting too deep here, I do sometimes wonder, was the friendship ever really real? I see my life now and I think, probably not.

I'm lucky now to be surrounded by a group of friends that support me, lift me up, and encourage me in whatever I do (sadly, the friendship mentioned above, I didn't have all of those things). I have friends that I talk to everyday (a few, it's almost a must), and some I talk to just a few times a year. They all are important to me. I credit these people as having a big part in my weight loss success. Without them, I know I would have already failed. Some of them I KNOW I will be friends with for the rest of my life. Some I may not, and as long as we can realize that it's just a "life changes" type of thing, I'm fine with it.

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