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In high school, one of the most important things to me was basketball. I loved playing the game, loved figuring out how to win the game, and more than anything, I loved being a part of the team and my teammates. I have such fond memories of my teammates. We had fun. They are a big part of what made me NOT hate high school.

Yesterday, I got word that one of those teammates had passed away.

She graduated three years after me and was a couple inches shorter than me but five thousand times faster than me. She was a true athlete. Every thing that I had to work extra hard for came naturally to her. I always admired that about her.

We ended up attending the same college, but while she played college basketball, I didn't. I can remember being so happy that one (as well as a few others) of my old teammates were on my college's squad.

More recently, we both worked in our downtown area and would see each other from time to time. We always made time to say hi and sometimes talk about the "good ol' days".

Yesterday, her passing reminded me how short life is. How much we should embrace the time we have now, and to follow our hearts. And in the next several months, that's exactly what I plan on doing. Now more than ever, I am even more aware and thankful that I have made the decision to do just that.

Please don't give your condolences to me, but think of her family. They need your thoughts right now. I'm quite happy with my memories of her, and the time we had playing basketball together. It was a pleasure and honor to know her. And my wishes for all of you out there is to take a look at those around you and embrace them.

Life is short. Live life and love it.

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Kirsten said...

No truer words ever spoken. Because you never *really* know. Thanks for the reminder. I'm glad you have fond memories of your friend/teammate.

Brooke said...

i'll definitely be praying for the family. sad that it takes something like this to remind us to embrace each moment.

Mommy Mo said...

You are so right. I will embrace life and I will embrace you (but not in a weird way : )).

~Mendie~ said...

What a reminder to live each day like it's your last, because you just never know when you may get the chance again!

Heather D said...

Amen, girl. We never know what lies around the bend. Live fully. Hugs!

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