They Say I Have Her Feet...

Today would have been my great-grandmother's 102nd birthday. She passed away 12 years ago from that horrible disease that robbed her of her mind.

I can't imagine not knowing who I am or who the people around me are. I'm certain that she had to be scared. In fact, I know she was because the last time I visited her, all memories of me were forgotten, and my mere presence caused her to be so uneasy, that I left her room and went and sat in the car.

My family now looks back at a few of the things that happened and now we can laugh. Time has allowed us to see the humor in some of the situations.

Like the time she tried to hit my mom over the head with a nut bowl and called her a little shit. I had no clue my great-grandmother, who went to church every Sunday, even knew those types of words.

Or the day that she forgot me completely, she looked at me through narrowed eyes, and said to everyone else in the room, "You have to be careful with that one. She's a sneaky one, she is."

Alzheimer's is a horrible, horrible disease that is hard on everyone close to the situation, and those are times I will never forget, but I have found now that her things, things she left to us are what gives me comfort.

Like her hens and chicks that sit by my feet on my front porch right now. Or the start from her lilac bush that is in my back yard. Or the few little knick knacks that I got when we cleaned out her house.

I think my most favorite of all is the fact that a few years after her death, my grandmother and I were swinging on the big front porch swing she has, and she happened to glance down at my feet. She said, "You know you have Mom's feet. Her big toe sat slightly under her 2nd toe just like yours does."

And I looked at her and smiled.

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Heather of the EO said...

I love this. Alzheimer's really is so cruel. I love how you look back and how you tell her story. You rock, lady. I love your heart.

Brooke said...

I was blessed to know my great-grandmother too. You and I have been given a special gift that most people don't get. You can tell from this post that you loved her greatly and still cherish her memory. :) *hugs*

Heather D said...

I love this. Makes me miss my Great Grandma and how in the later years of her life she had no inner monologue. And after the pre-dinner prayer she'd say 'Thank God that's over, can we eat now?'

~Mendie~ said...

its so wonderful that you had time with your great-grandmother.

this makes me smile because my niece (hubby's side) is graduating from HS this year, she has been lucky enough to spend good time with her great grandma too. And get this...she has her toes too! This makes me smile for your toes!

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