Summer Colds Suck, But 32 Ain't So Bad

My friends, Jessie and Rachael and I have had our beach trip to the Outer Banks, North Carolina planned for months and months. And better yet, it was going to be on my birthday! Yay!

Last Wednesday, I was headed to Bristol, VA to meet Brooke for lunch. On the way down, I felt my throat getting scratchy, but all the signs pointed to it being just allergies. So, I didn't worry too much.

By the time Saturday rolled around, I was in a full on summer cold. I dunno why, but the only time I ever get a cold is in the summer. It SUCKS. Big time. But I powered through it mostly, and I'm thankful that Jessie and Rachael gave me the orders to take it easy a couple of times.

Tuesday was my birthday. I had grand plans of having this super great post about how awesome I am (LOL), and then I had a major computer scare. I won't say what unless those bastards still are keeping an eye on my PC...okay, okay, I know that's probably not the case but I'm telling you, I was ready to throw shit last Friday night.

So, instead, you're getting a post birthday post...

I was kind of dreading the big 3 - 2. I'm not sure why, but it just felt like it was going to be different. I guess, now, I'm firmly into my 30's and I can feel that my body just isn't quite as young as it used to be. It isn't a bad thing. Just different.

During my 31st year, I met many, many of you fine folks, and let me tell you, you are some fabulous people. And even if I haven't met you in person yet, you're still fabulous and I love the promise of one day having that "real life" meeting.

When I think of my life now, I think of the picture above. I took it while we were waiting on a table at a great seafood restaurant in the OBX. (I had this feeling several times while I was at the beach, and this is the motto of people in the OBX, and when you're down there, you can totally see why.) While waiting on our table and watching the sun set, all I could think was yeah, I've had some stressful times here lately, but when I think about it? Think about all of you, my family, and where I'm headed in life, all I can think is.... life is good.

So, let's have it 32.

**sorry there are no links. I just can't get it to work right now, and I may hafta throw things if I mess with it too much**

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*Lissa* said...

I hope 32 is fantastic!

I forgot you and Brooke were having lunch! How was that? Details, bitches!

Anonymous said...

Life IS good. I'm glad you had a good birthday.

Kirsten said...

Sorry about the crappy summer cold, but I'm so glad you feel comfort in 32. I can tell you 33 was better than 32 and 34 is looking pretty good too.

Christie O. said...

Happy Happy Birthday girl!!! Love you!sorry bout the cold! hope 32 ROCKS! xo

Brooke said...

hope you had a great time on your trip!!! :) it looks beautiful.

Mommy Mo said...

You're body isn't as young as it used to be? Try being 38 years old. IJS.

Happy Birthday hooker!

Fun Pusher said...

Life IS and will continue to be GOOD!

So glad you could make it this year - that was an absolute BLAST!!!

Audrey said...

32 will be even better than 31! I agree with Lissa, details on the lunch with Brooke. Spill it. :)

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