The Gift That Will Never Be

I realized on Sunday that this coming week unofficially begins the holiday season for me. And I'm really dreading this Thanksgiving for one reason: my aunt.

My mom has two sisters. One a few years older; the other 16 years younger. I refer to them as "the aunts" when I have to be around both of them at the same time. They both drive me insane. The younger aunt is very unhealthy and extremely jealous that I've been successful with weight loss, but instead of fixing her problem, she insists on trying to make me feel bad. I've learned recently to "not engage the aunt". But that is a whole other story.

The older aunt and her family are visiting from Louisiana. They'll be at my grandparents' house this coming weekend through Thanksgiving. My mom and I will be going for visit #1 this weekend. I'm really annoyed with with my aunt. A few months ago, I was outright angry, but now, I'm just annoyed. Really annoyed.

Let me first pose a question to you: If someone gives you an heirloom as a gift, but gives it with the stipulation that you have to one day pass it on to the next girl born in the immediate family, does the original giver then have the right to ask for the gift back?

Now let me explain: My aunt had a daughter who passed away as a toddler from leukemia. When I was born, she gave me a baby bracelet and told my mom that it would be my job one day to pass it onto the next girl.

I remember from a very young age asking my mom to look at "my bracelet". I was so proud to own something that was my cousin's. I knew that my cousin had been special, and it made me feel special to have that bracelet. I couldn't wait for the next girl to be born so that I could give it to her. From the time I was a kid, I have been planning just the perfect way to pass this bracelet on.

The problem has been that there have been no girls born. With each pregnancy and birth, a boy has been born. But still I held out that I would maybe get to pass the bracelet on. Until...

My aunt called my mom and demanded (not really asked) for the bracelet back. For no particular reason other than the spirits told her she needed it back. (No, I'm not joking.)

Knowing her situation, I suspect that she pawned it. And that really breaks my heart. That bracelet was my prized possession my whole life, and it and my right to pass it on was just ripped from me. If she would just have been up front with me, I would have gladly paid her what the bracelet was worth.

And now I have to go see this aunt and give her a hug and act like nothing is wrong. (Because I refuse to do anything that may upset my grandparents.) Maybe I can "accidentally" step on her toes or something as I walk by? Yeah, maybe I'll do that.

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ValleyGirl said...

Oh my goodness. I can certainly see how it would be hard to "make nice." Sounds like a rough weekend ahead. I hope you'll be able to take a deep breath, smile, and make the best of a bad situation. (An "accidental" toe-crushing or the odd practical joke might help!)

Heather D said...

Ohhh. Yuck. Just yuck.
This is why the holidays are lame. You have to put up with people you don't really like, cause they're family.
Toe crushing sounds perfectly reasonable to me...

Brooke said...

that is so sad! :( i guess refusing to give it back wasn't an option.

CraftGirlAlli said...

Damn, that sucks! I hate when "family" acts that way. We've had some recent events in my family and I've realized who really cares and who just pretends to care. I hated to do it, but I've cut a lot of people out of my life recently because all they wanted to do was make the rest of us feel like sh*t.

audrey @ the lewis 4 said...

What she did is just plain wrong and I can totally see where you wouldn't want to see her! Step on her toes. Oops! ;)

Christie O. said...

why. why why why. i don't understand people sometimes. i just don't.

Heather of the EO said...

Step on her toes AND spill your drink on her!

I'm sorry, lady. That's just...awful. I'm sorry!

Tiffany said...

My dad's brother gave him a few things to hold onto for him in a rare moment of sobriety when I was a girl. One of those items was a painting my great-grandmother had done. I found it when I was in early college under a bed at my parents' house. I reframed it (my dad freaked out 'cause it wasn't mine to touch), hung it up, and kept it. I used to paint a long time ago and quite frankly was the only one in the family besides said great-grandmother who did so. I refused to give it back. Several years later, my uncle "gave" me the picture as a wedding gift. (Basically, he said I could keep it as a wedding gift.) I'm so glad he never asked for it back. That would have caused a huge fight between me and my dad. Quite frankly my dad was the only family member who even spoke to my uncle, so I'm pretty sure I've would have had lots of people on my side, but he would have only gotten it back from me over my cold, dead body!!!

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