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Tonight, I walked into my kitchen, I took off, and I slid in my socks to the refrigerator. Oh man, how I loved to do that as a kid. Even though whatever adult was around would fuss at me for doing that, I'd sneak and do it as often as possible. And even though I fell and busted my ass more than a few times, I'd still slide across the floor in my socks.

Did you ever do that? Or how about after taking a bath. You knew your favorite show was almost on, so you had to hurry up, so you'd get your PJs on as quickly as possible without really drying off?

Or, just playing in the rain and jumping in mud puddles. Did you ever?

The things we did as kids without even giving a second thought to. Things that we may would get "in trouble" for really were the best times. I like to think of them as a kid's breaths of fresh air. Even though, for the most part, we had little stresses as kids, we all needed those moments where we could just take a moment and forget about school or homework or *gasp* cleaning our rooms. Without even thinking we took moments and did something completely illogical.

The holiday season can be particularly stressful for me. I never know what to get people, and never have enough money to buy my loved ones what I'd really like to buy them. Yes, I know that it's the thought that counts, but what to give? I generally will shop and shop and shop until it's the last minute. I think sometimes as adults, we get too wrapped up in the worries that are life. It stresses me out so much that I notice that smaller, dumber things start to annoy me. Have you ever notice how that happens? One big thing stressed you out, then the smaller things start to bother you. Work, school, kids, spouses, bills, holidays, friends, this event, that event. We get so wrapped up that we sometimes forget to just take a second and breathe. We forget that we need those little moments to do something completely illogical.

We need to just breathe. Or slide in our socks across the floor. Go ahead, give it a try. Just don't fall, k?

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Bacardi Mama said...

So glad to hear that I'm not the only adult dork that still likes to slide in my socks.

Heather D said...

The best socks to slide in are the cozy chenille ones.
They're a good gift, too ;)

Karena said...

I haven't slid about in my socks in a long time. I did, however, dance like a maniac with my two year old yesterday to "I Like to Move It." Does that count?

Brooke said...

i definitely need to do something like that.

last night jay was helping me with a chore that was stressing me. only he wasn't helping me to suit me so i bit his head off. then i made fun of my mother for giving me an ugly bow (she was trying to help out and save me money).

i'm hoping getting back to running will help that some, but i'll have to cook in socks tonight and slide back and forth (then bleach the socks b/c i know my kitchen floor is filthy!)

flipflopsandfreckles.com said...

Our hardwood floors are famous for helping socked-feet dump you on your ass! CD and Baby Grill fall daily. As far as gifts go... I've quit worrying about getting the perfect gift and just try to be thoughtful while being cost-conscious.

livinginagirlsworld said...

I second Melissa. Not a ton of money, but thoughtful and I try to be fun too. Christmas is hard enough.

imadramamama.wordpress.com said...

I totally still slide around in my socks. And dance. We did the Cha-Cha slide last night.

It's the little things...you are so right.

Midwest Mommy said...

I would spray my bedroom floor with Pledge and slide. It was awesome! My mother hated when I did it, lol

Christie O. said...

oh yes, we have wood floors and tile, PRIME SOCK SLIDING HERE!!

we do it all the time. my husband yells at us. LOL

Christy M. said...

We had hard woods and LONG halls in my house growing up. Throw 3 brothers into the mix and there was always someone busting their ass! Luckily my bedroom (and bed) were at the end of the longest hall, so I had fun running and sliding into my bed!

I'm totally stressed out too, hooker. I feel the same way. I have no idea what to get some people and it KILLS me because I wander aimlessly through shops just looking and buying nothing because nothing is right. UGH.

It will be over soon :)

~Mendie~ said...

Footie pajamas were the bomb for sliding across the kitchen!

I'm with you on the last minute shopping...you want to find that perfect thing that will make someone happy!

Mommy Mo said...

Dude, I am going to do that right now.

You can take my name off your Xmas shopping list : ).

Heather of the EO said...

Oh how I love this post. It made me think about sliding down the banister in my childhood home.

I still do random kid things like that every once and a while. Good for the soul, no? :)

Love you, friend.

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