Snow. Lots Of It.

Usually when they call for snow here, I just kind of smirk and say, "right." Oh, don't get me wrong, it'll snow sometimes, but it's only a dusting and never lasts more than a day.

Last night, they called for snow, and boy did we get it. It hasn't snowed like this here since 1996. Some will argue that it was 1995, but I know it was '96 because I was a senior in high school, we were out of school for two weeks, and my exams were cancelled.

So there.

Since snow like this is so rare here, of COURSE I had to take pictures!! (So, those of you who are used to snow, please bear with me, k? Thanks!)

The girls' dog house.


A neighbor dog came by for a visit.

There's a picnic table under there.

I love this one.

Bayleigh sees something. I love the snow on her back. She didn't.

Snow is piled everywhere!

I was making her fetch snowballs. She'd reach them and then couldn't find them. Bad Mama.

I think this one's my favorite.

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Bacardi Mama said...

I love the pictures. You are so lucky. We barely have a dusting and we live in northwest Indiana. We are the ones who usually get the snow. I want snow for Christmas. Please send some my way.

Anonymous said...

You are welcome. Consider that Colorado-type storm your Christmas present. That is all. ;o) xoxo

Midwest Mommy said...

Wow, that's a lot of snow for someone who doesn't usually get snow!

Heather D said...

Gorgeous. I want to come over and make a snowman. Then we can have hot chocolate. Boozy of course.

~Mendie~ said...

Love the dog pictures-I'm sure they love it for the first 2 minutes then they are over it.

We had to shovel a path for Emma and we only got 2 inches!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully we can dig ourselves out eventually. I don't have pictures because it's tough to even go out in it!

Brooke said...

i'm totally jealous! its all so gorgeous. :)

Christy M. said...

OMIGOD. Kelci looks so sweet in that favorite picture. WOW! All the snow is amazing. I should have come to visit you this week :)

All of your photos are so perfect, and I'm so jealous!!

Anonymous said...

I've been known to throw a few snowballs for dogs. Very entertaining for the human. And I'm jealous that you caught snowflakes falling. I tried when we got our feet of snow two weeks ago and I failed.

jen said...

So, I am totally new to your blog and I read down to this post and I had to comment! I am in NJ (south Jersey to be exact - about 7 minute drive from Atlantic City, NJ) and your story started off like I had written it! We don't ever get snow even when they call for it we usually just get reain or what I call south jersey slush! and I graduated HS in '96 and I remember missing way too many days from that dang blizzard of 1996!

Sorry, I am a spaz sometimes and I had to comment!

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