At War With The Little Dude

First, let me say, yes, I did provoke this behavior in my nephew, but I had to show you the fight I have on my hands here. People, this is MY quilt, and I'm not giving it up. I don't care how cute the little stinker is, this means war.

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Anonymous said...

Have I ever heard you talk? You have a drawl!

And that's probably not the point of the video. Right?

Heather D said...

Uh oh. You definitely have a fight on your hands...

Love your drawl. LOVE!

Bacardi Mama said...

A fight indeed. I loved hearing your voice!

Brooke said...

crap, my computer isn't letting me see the video :(

and now i'm curious if you really have an accent or if you sound like every body round these here parts! ;)

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