The Trip to Denver

I was sitting in the Cincinnati airport waiting for my connecting flight. I had been up since 2 a.m. (yes, by choice) and had only had one cup of coffee all morning. A dad approaches with his two toddlers and parks the stroller near me. The dad makes a phone call, and the two toddlers proceed to run circles around me while squealing with delight. In my right ear there is this sucking sound. I turned my head to see what the hell that sound is and witnessed an older gentlemen cracking open a peanut while sucking his teeth. Loudly. Remember, I had just had one cup of coffee in the 6 hours that I had been awake. I texted Melissa to tell her that my first stop in Denver may be jail. That's even if I get out of Cincinnati before punching someone in the neck. The mother of the two toddlers approaches and sits in the seat next to me. Where I have my purse resting. My purse that contains MY CAMERA. I pulled my bag out from under her ass while glaring at her. There's the teeth sucking sound again. I turned to glare at the man who seemed to enjoy the taste of his teeth. Right before I could get up and harumph away, they started to board the plane.


It was cloudy the whole flight. I scored a window seat and all I could see was clouds. Boo. So I took turns resting my eyes and reading my book. I glanced up and out of the window and noticed that there is a break in the clouds. I looked down and saw a patchwork quilt of greens and browns. It was really quite remarkable. I had never seen this part of the country and for as far as I could see all there were was fields. As the plane approached Denver, I could see leftover snow making white veins in the Earth. Beautiful. I was so busy watching what was directly below me that I almost forgot to glance up. Words cannot describe the feelings that went through me when I saw my first snow capped mountain. It was wonderful and beautiful and, well, HUGE. The mountains we have here in Virginia (shut up, Melissa I can't call them foothills here, k?) are baby mountains compared to the mountains I saw. I couldn't take my eyes off of them. I fell in love with that part of the country while still on the plane.


There are very few larger cities that I visit that I feel like I could live there. For the most part, larger cities overwhelm me and kind of stress me out. I didn't get that feeling from Denver. All I could think of was how beautiful it was and how much I really liked the city. Melissa and I had a great time hanging out. We laughed OH SO MUCH. And I really do forgive her for forgetting to pick me up at the airport. (Okay, fine my plane landed early.) I KNOW you all are dying for pictures, and you're going to kill me but I didn't get any. I got a few shots of her dog and my battery died and my charger was at home. I KNOW. Scored major loser points there. I just think that means that I am really going to have to go back. Right? That's if I didn't wear out my welcome!!

I will leave you with a good shot I got of Melissa's pup Atticus though. He's such a sweet boy!

Melissa, I had a great time! I cannot wait to hang out again! Miss you and Denver lots!!

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Brooke said...

its not that our mountains are small. they are just old. serioiusly like almost from the beginning old. they've erroded down to where they are now.

(but the big ones are breathtaking aren't the?)

me<---married to a nerd in love with the appalachian mtns

MitaKay said...

That is a great pic of Atti though! And you are welcome in D-town anytime, hooker!

jen said...

Hey girl!! I love in New Jersey (south jersey to be specific) and we have ocean so we are flat!! Flat flat! A couple of summers ago we went to Colorado Springs (an hour from Denver) and I LOVED it! The mountains and the colors and the red rocks! OMG it was the most beautiful place I have ever been to and I can't wait to go back. Denver's airport looks like a giant tent city, huh?

ps - hubs and I are thinking about taking a trip to do SkyLine drive this summer.

Midwest Mommy said...

I thought for sure peanut man was going to be your neighbor for the flight!

~Mendie~ said...

Sorry Cincy sucked...not all Ohioians are that annoying!

the lewis 4 said...

Denver is awesome. I love that city and the mountains. Beautiful. But I love our mountains, too. Glad you had a good time (after leaving Ohio, of course...)

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