My First Little Green Follower

Do you remember when you started blogging. How you were quite sure that probably no one was reading what you were writing. How you weren't sure that you WANTED people to read what you were writing?

That was my biggest hang up when I started blogging. I wasn't sure about any of it. I knew that Jessie would read my blog, and if she were the only one to ever read it, that was fine, but I admit that once I started blogging again, I was having fun writing. I was amusing myself by some of the things that I had to say, but I'm pretty sure not many people were reading. If they were, I couldn't see them.

One day, I logged into Blogger and I had a follower. Whoa.

Do you remember your first follower? I'm not talking about the people that may have been following your blog that you don't see or don't know about. (I know that Jessie will forever and always be my first follower.) I'm talking about (on Blogger) that first little green "person" that shows up on your dashboard that says "1 follower".

I'll never forget the the rush of excitement followed by the disbelief of "who the hell other than someone who really knows me would want to read my writing?"

I'll never forget who that first "little green follower" was. It was Audrey.

Audrey and I met when I first joined The Sisterhood. She always seemed to like my posts and seemed eager to learn some of the things that I had learned along my weight loss journey. So, when I saw that she wanted to read my little blog of just about nothing (or everything. However you want to look at it.) I was absolutely thrilled. And it made me want to write MORE.

My point is that never underestimate the power you have to make someone smile. We all have the power within us to brighten someone's day, to give them a tad more confidence, to make their day. It doesn't have to be something can be something as tiny as clicking "follow" on their blog. Just like Audrey did for me.

This June, Audrey and I get to meet for the first time. (Want to help us get there? Go HERE.) And I cannot wait to give my first "little green follower" a great big hug!

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Midwest Mommy said...

I will never forget the first time a blog I had lurked on suddenly commented on my blog. I was all freaked out and couldn't understand how she knew about me and my blog. Then months down the road I learned about a little thing called google analytics and other tracking sites, lol. I had no clue about blogging whatsoever and was so freaked out.

Heather D said...

You just need to stop taking pictures of graveyards - b/c people will unfollow! HA!
Love ya, hooker, you always make me smile!

Brooke said...

i remember one day i got two comments! holy crap i'd hit the big time!

the lewis 4 said...

OHMYGOSH have no idea how much this meant to me (or maybe you do). I've been having a really hard time personally and to know how important I was to you, well, just makes me smile. And I've needed to smile. Thank you for being my friend. I CANNOT WAIT to meet you in June too. You are so getting what my friends and family call a "Roobug Hug". It's a big one. :p

Christy M. said...

You are awesome, which is why you have followers. Seriously. I'm so glad you are my friend, and I'm happy to say that Audrey follows my blog, too, and that makes me smile (although I never seem to have time to post on it!).

Can't wait to hug you AND Audrey and all the other hookers in June! WOOT!!!


Anonymous said...

This is such a great "little thing"! I definitely know that I never took the time to figure out who followed me first. You are so cool!

~Mendie~ said...

Honestly...I think I deleted my first few followers, because I didn't know what it meant! Sorry! I'm so glad I followed make me laugh and feel good at least once a week! hugs!

Kirsten said...

You were my first little green follower when I went back to blogger! I can't wait to meet you AND your first little green follower in June.

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