The definition of true love

She stands by his bed, watching his shallow breaths. She knows he is tired. He's lived a long, happy, life. They've lived a long, happy life together. He is her best friend. Her partner in life.

 They've been married for 67 years.

 For the past year, he's been unable to leave the bed they set up where his recliner used to sit. And she takes care of him, devoted now more than ever to the commitment they have made to each other. Some nights, he is awake all night long. On those nights, she stays awake with him.

 Sometimes they get grumpy with each other. Sometimes they hurt each others feelings. And throughout this hard year, one thing remains stronger now more than ever.

 Their love.

 Now she stands by his bed and watches him breathe. Her daughter is by her side.

 His breathing stops. Just for a few seconds.

 Her heart starts to break as she reaches for her daughter. This is so hard.

 And then he starts breathing again, unable to leave her just yet.

 True love.


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