Man, I'm Weird

Two years ago, I gave up dating. I don’t enjoy it. I don’t think I’ve ever been on a date that I can say I’ve had a lot of fun. The guys that I have dated were more interesting in getting me into bed or bragging about themselves instead of trying to have real “getting to know you” conversations. So I said screw it. I wasn’t going to waste my time anymore on it. And I’ve been pretty content with my decision.

And then came facebook. I have mixed feelings about that site. On one hand, I’ve reconnected with people that I know I would have never talked to again. On the other hand, I may not want to be found by some people. Enter the one we’ll call The Dude for now. Years ago I worked with The Dude, and after a few years, for whatever reason, The Dude got fired. And now he’s found me on facebook. Then he emailed me at work, and we’ve been chatting for a week. I admit it. He amuses me. The Dude is funny. But I also think he’s interested in more than just chatting over email. And that’s when I get nervous. I would like to thank fitness hero #1 for talking me off the ledge a few times last week. ;o)

I have this fear of the unknown. Most people do, right? But the difference (I think) with me is that I tend to turn my back on the unknown. So rather than take the chance that I’ll discover something wonderful, I hide from it. To make matters worse, a friend of mine and I were talking last night. She told me that she and The Dude talked years ago, and while it didn’t go anywhere it might have if she hadn’t met her current boyfriend. Great.

So now that I’ve published to you all how completely weird I am, I’m going to go contemplate this situation. Did I mention that I’m extremely analytical? Some days, it’s a wonder I make it through the day.

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