Rock back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. His eyes are staring at the wall, his face set with a look that says, “I will NOT go to sleep.” He lifts his head up, and I close my eyes and start humming “You Are My Sunshine”. He relaxes his head back and settles in for a nice snuggle. I feel his first big sigh. I peek down at him and see his eyes are getting heavy. Keep humming, April. He starts singing to himself in an attempt to keep himself awake. I smile. This has to be one of my favorite sounds. With his second big sigh, his singing gets slower and slower and eventually fades away into endless dreams of whatever babies dream of. And he is asleep. Fade out “You Are My Sunshine.“ I couldn’t help but sit there rocking my nephew just a while longer. I so rarely get him to myself anymore. The time we spent rocking were the best 20 minutes of my weekend.

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