Random Weekend Thoughts

As I sit here on Saturday night/Sunday morning, I took some time to write some of my random thoughts down (I've seen some cool people do this on their blogs and thought I'd try my hand at it). That said, enjoy. ;o)

I am a rock star at Guitar Hero…on easy. These kids that play on expert levels like it ain’t a thang, piss me off.

It’s been a while since I’ve trimmed my cocker spaniel’s fur. Makes her look like the sheep dog on Looney Tunes. Aww, I like that sheep dog.

Law & Order: SVU is the best of the L&O’s.

Sometimes the best thing about owning a parrot is when you cover them up at night (those of you who own one understand.).

I just love my new TV. It’s so hard to watch things in standard definition now.

My biggest fear is that my nephew will grow up not knowing me (long story, I’ll share it if you like). I love that kid more than life itself.

Tom Welling is HOT.

Enough Nyquil in your system will give you the best sleep ever. Seriously.

Some dude I don’t know just added me on Facebook. I hate when that happens. Oh wait, I do know him. Cool.

The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans rocks. I’ve had quite a few chuckles reading the blogs from there this week. Thanks, girls!

And there ya go. Happy weekend, everyone!

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esraa said...
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Jessica said...

Tom Welling is the definition of Hot. And he seems like he'd be intelligent, too. Cuz, you know. that matters. ;-)

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