My Morning

So, this is how my morning went:

First, let me say that it’s a miracle for me to get showered, get dressed and get to work and not run into a wall(ok, sometimes I do). I don't always sleep well so sometimes I admit to being half asleep when I get ready.

This morning, I'm getting ready and hear the rain begin. Dangit, now I have to let the dogs in. So, to the back door I go. Kelci (the shepherd) nearly knocks me down as she's barreling through the door. Bayleigh (the spaniel) is jumping around like crazy. She's just thankful to be in the house. I head to the back of the house to finish getting ready. I'm alone in the bathroom. This means, Kelci is in her hiding place. Behind the bed. She knows that she's going to be in the house and crated. Yep. I'm going to be late for work. I finish getting ready, head to the front of the house to water and feed the birds.

Ok, now I must explain something here. For whatever reason, Cagney's (the parrot) first poop of the day is projectile. I kid you not, that bird can poop a good foot beyond her cage. I have a towel in front of her cage just to catch this first poop. So this morning, I'm walking back from changing her water, and I see she's hunkered down ready to launch. I stop in my tracks. I want to keep my distance here. READY! AIM! FIRE! As usual, the poop hits the towel, I get the towel up, give her the clean water, and go to my other bird. Now I notice that she keeps chuckling to herself. What's so funny? She chuckles again. Whatever, I need to go. I put Bayleigh in her crate, drag Kelci out from her hiding spot and to hers, and I'm on my way. I may not be late afterall. This isn’t too bad. Then, I notice something as I'm getting out of my car at work. I have a trail of bird poop from my knee to my foot on my left leg. I was a good two feet away from that cage! Jeez. Now I realize (or I suspect anyway) what Cagney was chuckling at. Happy Tuesday, Mama. Love, Cagney.

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Anonymous said...

You gotta love a good poop story! At least she didn't get you on the back of you where you couldn't see it!

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