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As I sit here on this Saturday night, I can’t help but notice that ALL of my animals are either quiet or sleeping. All of them. This is a rare happening in my house. I’m afraid to move because I know if I do, the calm will be no more. Thing that stinks about that is that I really have to go to the bathroom. I honestly could start a whole separate blog about them, but for now this will do. So, let me introduce you to The Zoo (really didn’t mean to make that rhyme. I swear.).

Neville: Neville is a cinnamon pearl white-face cockatiel and the baby of all of my animals at 2. He’s also the only male in the house. The thing I love about Neville is that he’s probably the sweetest bird I have ever met and he’s in love with my mom. When she comes into the room he whistles and calls and tells us what a “pretty bird” he is. The one thing that I could do without when it comes to Neville is when he mocks the dog toys. When he goes into squeak mode, it’s “squeak, squeak, squeak” for what seems to be an hour at a time.

Kelci: At 4, my black sable German Shepherd is my baby. I’ve had her since she was 7 weeks old. She was only 6 lbs the day I brought her home and sick. I nursed her back to health and now, 59 lbs later, she likes to be by my side ALL THE TIME. Yes, yes, this is cute and all, but give a girl a break. There are some things I need to do without the help of an escort. That said, it amuses me that she’s learned to open the screen door, turn on the water faucet, and un-latch the backyard gate. Sometimes when I talk to her, I half expect her to answer me back. She’s also my walking buddy. We both love it.

Bayleigh: Now, I love my 6 year old tri-color Cocker Spaniel. I really do. However, I will never own another Cocker Spaniel ever again. To those of you who love the breed, I’m sorry. I swear to you she’s ADHD. And while she’s calmed down a lot, she has still made it her life mission to sniff down the entire house every night. I get tired just watching her. My favorite thing about her though is that she gives actual hugs. She’ll come over and rest her head on your shoulder. I know, right?

Cagney: Cagney is my Congo African Grey Parrot. A co-worker made the decision that she could no longer care for Cagney and knew that I loved animals and there ya go. I’m not quite sure how old she is, but my guess is around 10. She has the vocabulary and emotions of a two year old. I really think she only likes me because she doesn’t have a choice. If she had the chance, I know she’d take Kelci’s nose off. And while she’s completely mean, she cracks me up (she just burped). I find myself sometimes watching her instead of the TV. However, there are times that she will scream, and I know she does this just to piss me off.

Charlotte: Charlotte is my dog, but lives with my parents. See previous and future posts on Charlotte. She’s way too special to get just a few lines.

So now you know why I’m amazed that the house is so quiet right now. But I’m afraid I can no longer hold it and must go to the bathroom. So here we go….

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