Weigh-In Wednesday: I Can Take a Hint

It’s weigh-in day for the Sisterhood’s Shrink Into Summer Challenge! How’d you do??

Last week’s weight: 145.2
This week’s weight: 145.0

I'm very thankful for this tiny loss. this has been a rough week. I've had to skip a couple of work outs, my food has just been okay, and water is so hard to drink right now. I'm sick.

See, I have a really bad habit of ignoring little pains and strains in my body. I know it isn’t smart, but I grew up with boys! I had to be tough! For example, I was playing in a flag football game in college. I broke my finger, ran to the sideline, popped it back into place, then went back into the game. (This finger is now slightly crooked.)

When I woke up on Thursday with my throat slightly sore, I figured this was going to be my yearly allergy "thing", so I was hoping I could just ignore this for the most part. By Thursday night, I lost my voice, and Friday I thought my whole head was going to explode. The solution? A Nyquil-induced sleep for most of the day. Saturday and Sunday I was feeling better, so I resumed work outs as normal. Then Sunday night/Monday morning, I woke up coughing. I took some Dayquil, felt better that afternoon, so I worked out again. I knew I was pushing it, though. Yesterday, I was worse. Even though I searched medical website after website looking for some nut to tell me it was okay to exercise with chest congestion, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to work out. (In case you don’t know, the rule seems to be if you have a cold and it’s from the neck up, you can work out. If the cold is in your chest, working out is a strict "no".)

I grew up having many respiratory problems, including asthma. At one point, I was on 3 inhalers and one pill. I eventually found natural ways to control my asthma. (Relax, I still have my rescue inhaler.) And I haven’t had a respiratory infection in years. I’m pretty sure that’s what I have. It’s times like this that I feel like my body has turned on me, and I hate it. But having so many problems as a kid, I know this isn’t a broken finger. For me, this is something that could easily turn into something major, so I can take a hint. Today, I’m going to the doctor, and I won’t work out until she clears me. I promise.

PS. I am very bummed I can't Shred right now. I'm hoping this is only going to be a couple of days away from shredding, so keep your fingers crossed, okay? ;o)

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Brooke said...

i'm glad you're listening to your body and taking it easy.

as a former bronchitis junkie i know just how you feel.

hope you feel better soon!

Christy M. said...

Take care of yourself girl. Rest as much as possible and get back to shredding as soon as you are able, not a minute sooner :)

Love ya!

ValleyGirl said...

It is most important that you take care of yourself and nurse yourself back to health before pushing your limits with workouts! Just don't allow yourself to over-eat while you lie on the couch!! (that's the part that always gets me when I'm not feeling that great)

The Great Skin Guru said...

I used to get respiratory infections and they are awful! I feel for you. Listen to everyone and take care of yourself. The challenge will be here next week!


DALewis said...

Get better! Jillian (and all of your "sisters") will be there when you are well again.

BTW, I'm interested in how you control your allergies/asthma "naturally" as my little boy is on Singulair for his. Send me an email (no rush - get better first).

HUGS! :)

Dani said...

I hope you start feeling better soon!!!

Mommy Mo said...

April, listen to your doctor and NO exercising until you are 100% better. We're not going anywhere!

Vickie said...

Get some rest, take it easy! You will get back to shredding soon.

Feel better soon:)

Megan said...

Ugh! I hate it when I am on a roll fitness-wise and I get sick. It is so frusterating! Take the time off and let yourself heal. Congrats on the loss!

Ann said...

Sounds like you had a tough week, but you did lose weight so yeah for you!! Keep it up and feel better!

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