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When I think about what brings me joy, I can name quite a few things. Animals bring me lots of joy. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, if I could figure out how to legally do it, you'd see a giraffe in my backyard. But, I don't have a giraffe; I have dogs, and for the most part, they bring me so much joy. So, here are my girls:


(Whoa. Somebody needs a haircut.)
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But my nephew IS my joy. Every Sunday is ours, and I can't wait for Sundays to get here.
I love that he's trying to do things like brush his hair.

And I could play with him and read to him all day everyday.

But my favorite time is cuddle time. I know there will be a time when he's too big to cuddle, so I cherish every second of it.

And those are my joys. :o) If you would like to play, too. Go here!

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Amy said...

Very sweet!

Mominin said...

Great captures. I love the last one.

DALewis said...

Oh, I love these. Animals and kids. True joys!!!

Casual Friday Everyday said...

aw. how darling! great shots.


Shae said...

my dog makes me joyful too.

Anonymous said...

I love that last one. Beautiful!

Mom 2 Four said...

Very cute!!! I love the last photo.

CraftGirlAlli said...

that last photo is precious. I love times like that!

Brooke said...

Kelci is gorgeous! :)

i love my niece and nephew with all my heart - so i know how you feel!

luckily, as soon as the princess got too old to snuggle the little man came along!

Vickie said...

Cutie Dogs! Your nephew is adorable!

Great pictures:)

Anonymous said...

You are an awesome aunt to set aside one day every week to spend with him. He will remember these special times with you! Love the puppy pictures too.

sunnymama said...

Your nephew is adorable! What a joy :)

Kim said...

Awww! I love your Joy pictures. I adore the last one.

Thanks so much for stopping by mine and leaving me a wonderful comment.

Amanda W said...

Your dogs are so cute!!! Love the noses- barely able to keep themselves from snotting up your lens.

Christy M. said...

Great captures of the girls! Kelci looks so obdient! I love dog noses!!

The last shot is the best! I love the perspective you got on that one! It looks like you had a wonderful visit with the little man.

Alice said...

i understand your giraffe thing - for me it would be a koala bear - they are my favorite! anyway, we do cats and dogs here - lol! your dogs are so cute! and your nephew is even cuter! you got a great shot of him with the comb and i think the cuddling up shot is the one i like the best. great angle and perspective. thanks for sharing.

my 'joy' shots are posted now, too. feel free to visit my page at The Shadow of the Cross.

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