Butt Growls

I have to say, one thing that I love about my work friends is that we can talk about anything and never get offended. No subject is off limits. Some days we talk about serious things, others we just laugh and have a good time.

Today was no different. I'm not sure how we got on this subject, but we did. And it stayed there. By the time I asked my question, we were already knee deep (pun intended) in the conversation, so I thought I'd just ask:

"So, do you guys know what a butt growl is?"

Now, I am positive that every one of you know what this is and have experienced it. If you deny it, you're lying. I'm sorry, but it's true.

Have you ever been out, when the, um, time arises? Yeah, I'm talking about #2 people. But you can't because well you're out. Around people. So, you have to hold it. Except your body doesn't want to, and all of a sudden you get this growl in the bottom of your abdomen. This also can happen if you have gas.

If you have the luck that I do, then usually you're close enough to someone when the butt growl occurs, and they hear it. You see them glance at you, and you SWEAR that you are starving and that your stomach is growling. Except that it isn't your stomach growling, and you know it, and you're so very embarrassed.

And that, my friends, is a butt growl.

PS. I hope I don't lose any followers because of this post. It's meant to be funny. I swear.

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Anonymous said...

Totally admitting to knowing what you're talking about. But thanks for the Friday-night giggle anyway!

But seriously, hooker, gas? Us hookers have gas? I don't think so! ;)

Deb said...

I am so glad there is a name for them.. and that I am not alone. I have never discussed this with anyone... hahha! and the co-workers and I do discuss some pretty interesting things. :)

Heather D said...

That's it, we're through...
Just kidding! I love talking about poop!

ValleyGirl said...

And everyone knows the difference between a butt growl and a stomach growl, too, so there's really no sense in trying to pretend!!!

*Lissa* said...

I don't poop, I just create fresh roses. Just sayin'!

Don't worry so much about losing followers, if they don't like what you write, you don't want them reading anyway! :o)

MitaKay said...

I thought that was what you were referring to but there was no way I was gonna pop off an answer on Twitter on the off chance I was completely wrong!

Too funny!

Bacardi Mama said...

You've still got me. It would take a whole lot more than this to offend me. And yes, I've totally had the same problem too many times to count.

Christie O. said...

LOL ok the funniest part is when we all say that it's our stomachs and we allllll knnoooooowwwww that it is not. how true that is, that made me laugh! you're too funny!

ps. we have the same conversations in our house by the way, recent topics include: "swampass" and the "shart". that is all. sorry for tmi.

Heather of the EO said...


I wonder what kind of google search words are going to show up on YOUR sitemeter :)

You're hilarious.

Mommy Mo said...

I have never had a butt growl, lmao.

Amanda W said...

Sure you haven't, Mommy Mo!

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