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Now that my nephew is starting to talk, I've started to think about things that my younger cousins have said through the years. Things that still make me laugh.

Like cousin, H. When she was 4, she and her twin brother J were asked what they wanted to be when they grew up. J answers he wants to be a firefighter just like his uncle. H answers proudly, "I wanna be just like my daddy, I wanna drink beer and dip snuff." Oops.

Same cousin J, was in a church daycare. The teacher was teaching letters and words with, "Class, what word begins with the letter A..." The class responds, "APPLE!" .... The teacher keeps going, until she gets to, "Class, what word beings with the letter F?" J yells out, "F*ck!" His daddy was called into a conference that day.

Another cousin, A was playing on a playground when he was 3. My uncle says, "A, it's time to go." A doesn't listen. So, what do parents do when a 3 year old doesn't listen? You go get that three year old. A decided to hold onto the monkey bars with all of his might and when my uncle tries to get him off the bars, A yells, "You're breaking my arm! You're breaking my arm!" My uncle froze like a criminal. (He really wasn't breaking the kiddos arm.)

The first day of headstart was a rough one for cousin B. He was fine until he realized that his mama had left. He then runs to the door and while beating on the door with both fists, yells, "Wet me outta dis pwace! Wet me outta dis pwace!" We felt sorry for the kiddo that day, but now we laugh about it!

I'll even tell one on myself. Being the sickly child that I was, they forced me to get allergy shots for years. My dad HATES shots. He gets all lightheaded at the slightest thought of blood. But this particular day, he had to take me for my shots. Well, they called me up to the window, I roll my sleeve up like a pro and am already trying to decide which flavor lollipop I want. The nurse says, "Your dad doesn't like shots, does he?" I reply, "Nope, and he don't go to church, neither." Huh? (LOVE my grammar back then, don't you?)

My nephew already cracks me up with things that he does. We're still trying to break him of looking at his and shaking his finger while saying, "No! No! No!" I still have to bite my cheek to keep from laughing at him. And I know that this is only beginning...personally, I can't wait.

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MitaKay said...

I caught a bunch of catfish when I was about 5. I was all stupid excited and kept telling my dad "I wanna eat 'em!". We got up to the house and I went inside and when I came back out he had them nailed to a board and was cleaning them. I freaked out, started crying and said "but I didn't want you to kiiiiiill them!!"

Brooke said...

its so hard not to laugh!!

my sister and mom were shoe shopping when my sister was 3. when my mom tried to see if one of the shoes fit, my sister threw a tantrum and said "get this f*cking shoe off my foot*

not only did she use the work, she used it in context properly. my dad wanted to beat her. my mom said if anyone got beat for it, it would be him for teaching it to her!

CraftGirlAlli said...

This made me laugh! My son is 2 and about a month ago, we were at the children's museum. I was holding him and he grabs the next of my shirt and tugs on it and goes..."boooooobs!" haha.

Heather of the EO said...

SO cute! (and hilarious)

"and he don't go to church, neither."


Christie O. said...

hilarious! seriously, every day it's something else! We went through a "dammit" phase here, where my three (then 2) year old picked up my husband's use of dammit. So he'd say it when he got pissed, completely in context and everything.

Heather D said...

George is saying 'oh cwap' now, he's only 19 months old.
He also likes to oink and moo at strangers in the grocery store. That could prove to be embarrassing...

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