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Yesterday afternoon-

Mom: Your dad is already trying to decide which playground to get Clay.

Me (looking up from the Target sale paper. You KNOW that's a Sunday must read.): What? A playground?

Mom: Yeah, you know like one of those big wooden playgrounds.

Me: You're kidding. He's 17 months old!

Do you know what my brother and I had as a "playground" when we were kids? One of those little metal swing sets. Not only that, but my dad refused to anchor it into the ground, so we couldn't swing high without fear of turning it over. (Which we most certainly DID NOT try.) And during hunting season, this became the place in the yard where the deer were gutted. I watched it many times. Don't get me wrong, I loved my swing set (except for the deer gutting part) but it was no big wooden playground.

Okay, let's talk this out, shall we? If you're a parent, I know some of you have witnessed the same thing that I have. It is one of the most fascinating things I've ever seen.

Let me say, that I'm not jealous in any way. I love my nephew very much and love buying him things and taking him places, but I sit and watch my dad with Clay, and I think. Who the hell is this man?

And don't let my mom fool you. She's the same way. Clay is in constant need of a new toy. You should have seen the load the kiddo got for Christmas. Oh, and did I mention he has his own room at their house?

I know they just love him and are just being good grandparents and it really is sweet to watch, but these are not the people that raised me. They've transformed into mush. I just sit there in awe while watching them with him. All I can really do sometimes is shake my head.

I'm sort of convinced that aliens came and took my parents away and replaced them with these two people called Grandma & Grandpa.

That's soon as he can clearly ask for things, I'm teaching him to ask them for a pool.

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Heather D said...

So true. We actually had to institute a rule for my mom - if she brings something she has to take something home with her. It's ridiculous. From someone who wouldn't even get me the LA Gear back in 5th grade. Not bitter or anything...

Shan said...

It is so true. My kids have three sets of grandparents. It's out of control.

MitaKay said...

My parents are the same way... I just don't get it. And in regards to the metal swingset... not only did my dad refuse to anchor it into the ground apparently the bolts at the top were loose and one of the metal poles came crashing down on me when I was 5. Still have a big ole scar on my chest from it. The end.

Anonymous said...

My parents are the same way! I agree, I'm not jealous... I'm more bemused. Also, the swingset and deer gutting -- my dad did that too! My little brother used to like to play with the eyes... is it any wonder I'm a vegetarian now?

Erin said...

Oh! Teach him to ask them for plane tickets for me to come visit you.

Brooke said...

lol - funny how it changes people.

i've been told stories about my Papaw (who is now deceased) hitting my dad. not spanking, punching with his fist.

funny, that just doesn't line up with the Papaw I knew. the one who would open his arms and say "come here - quick" when he knew we were about to get a spanking. he'd hold us in his lap and protect us from my dad's belt.

great. now you've made me cry. thanks a lot april. :P

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