Weigh-In Wednesday: End of 21 Days

21 Days with the Sisterhood!

Today marks the end of our 21 Day Challenge over at the Sisterhood. My challenge was to take my vitamin every day. So, did I do it?

All in all, I did well. I missed my vitamin on the days that I was sick with whatever stomach bug I got from my nephew, and I may have missed a Sunday, which I used to do some before I got out of the habit of taking my vitamin. So, I think it's safe to say I'm back in the habit of taking my vitamin.

As far as my weight, I'm holding steady. I knew this time of year was going to be a challenge as far as weight loss. This is when I'm the most social. So, I know my problem here is food. And it really isn't going to get better for a few months because fall means FOOTBALL. Football means tailgates. And as healthy as the girls and I try to make the food, there's still some drinking going on.

So, I'm stuck in the 143lb area, but I have no right to be upset or cry plateau because it isn't a plateau. A plateau is when you're doing everything right and the weight doesn't come off. This is just me maintaining, which if you think about it, isn't a terrible thing.

Am I jumping for joy that I didn't make the best food choices? No, but I'm happy to maintain giving the circumstances. Also, I do promise to try my best to do well during this upcoming football season. Isn't that all any of us can do? Try our best?

So, how'd you do?

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Mendie said...

I heart college football...can't wait!!! Good job taking the vitamin regularly-keep it up!

Maintaining is aweseome...we are all gonna have to learn to do it, now you know you can when you get where you want!

*Lissa* said...

Woo-hoo for football!!! And drinking! ;p I kid. Sorta.

Sarah said...

Sounds like a success to me!!

Brooke said...

another success? knowing when its okay to "just" maintain. the important part is that you're living your life without going back to the old way of life completely and without losing all your hard work!

Christie O. said...

i agree completely with brooke!
great job on maintaining, because you know when to say when and you are still maintaining your healthy lifestyle! so there! yay for you!

Anonymous said...

Maintaining is the real goal in the long run so you are doing awesome!

Heather D said...

You're doing great, and our next challenges may spice it up so you can jump your plateau (or cross it? Whatever).

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