Does anyone know where I can find my own dragon?

I've been having a love affair with a dragon. NOT THAT KIND OF LOVE AFFAIR. Come on, people! No, I'm reading Eldest by Christopher Paolini and one of the main characters is a dragon called Saphira. Saphira's mind connected with her Dragon Rider, Eragon. (Another main character is an elf, and she's hot, too, but I love Saphira best.)

Anyway, yesterday, Eragon, Saphira and I just completed Rider training for the day and Saphira said something that, when I read it, I actually felt some sort of feeling hit my heart. I've thought and thought about what Saphira said, and now, I want to share it with you.

She said: Live in the present, remember the past, and fear not the future, for it doesn't exist and never shall. There is only now.

"Live in the present,"

I have always had a hard time with this. I can't always just enjoy the moment. I'm constantly thinking, well what about this or OMG! What if THAT happens? What ifs are sort of my thing. Some of my friends limit the number of hypothetical situations I'm allowed to ponder on with them. I have a really hard time just relaxing and enjoying the now.

In case you haven't picked up on it, "worry" is my middle name.

"remember the past,"

I got this one down pat, but what I need to work on is to not linger in the past. I still think of things that happened years and years ago, and I admit that I need to learn to let it go. I need to learn to forgive for those things that happened years and years ago. (This is going to be hard. But I'm going to try.)

"and fear not the future,"

I admit it. I'm all kinds of scared of the future. Especially right now. I like straight lines and clear paths and right now, I feel like I'm stuck deep within a dark maze with no hope of finding my right path again.

I'm afraid of ending up alone. I'm afraid of discussions that I still need to have. I'm afraid of losing more people. I'm afraid of things that could happen.

I liked to call myself brave, but I don't feel so brave right now.

But then she said, "for it doesn't exist and never shall. There is only now."

You know? She's right. (Dragons are so smart.) If I want to continue on my journey of uniting my mind, body, and soul, I need to live more by Saphira's advice. I'm going to work harder to live more like this. The future doesn't really exist. Because once the future gets here, it's the now. I can't promise to never worry or fear or ponder over things, but I can promise (myself) to work on it.

I guess, the awesome things about mazes is that there always IS a right path. I just need to find my right path once again. Find it, I will. I hope. No. I will. Right? (Hey. Rome wasn't built in a day.)

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Bari said...

Rome wasn't built in a day and your journey to unite your mind, body and soul will take time, but if you follow Saphira's advice, the ride will be a lot less bumpy. Dragons really are wise.

Christie O. said...

Yes, you will, you most certainly will. I am going to give my dad this quote because he is having a real tough time with this right now. Different situation, same feelings. The path is there for us, and we will all find it. Promise. But for now, there is today.

Anonymous said...

You will most definitely find your right path. It may not be tomorrow, but you will one day. I love this book and I have this quote hanging on my bedroom wall right now! Live in the moment, it's the only we have at our finger tips :D

Tiffany S said...

Totally not on the theme of this post... Well, technically I guess it is, but it's about dragons, not being present. But anyway, it totally reminded me of these books my friend's mom writes (or wrote? - maybe she's done with them). It was a series called Dragon Keepers. I think the first book was DragonSpell. I totally read it, but then I never read the rest. And I can't remember how it goes. But you reminded me that I wanted to read them. And that I am totally in awe of the creativity people have. I am not an author. Definitely not.

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