I wonder where this path leads, she thought.

Back in the summer, a really good friend of mine and I took her daughter on a hiking adventure. We were in no hurry, so we let her daughter lead the way. This nine year old girl has the most amazing imagination I have ever encountered in my life. What happened on that hike, was nothing short of extraordinary for me.

We were magically transported to a far away land, where we met a caterpillar named Sean. He told us his he would be our guide and protector throughout our journey. (Sean appeared to us several times. Our only conclusion was he could transport himself to where we were.) We met butterflies (My apologies. I forget their names. I have them written down some place.) and saw ruins of castles and caught glimpses of King Edmund and Queen Lucy. And! Of course we saw a dragon.

It took us twice as long as that hike should have and it was the best hike of my life. That night, I had a dream of a young woman walking through the woods with a protector. She was on a journey that not even she was sure of. She was a bit afraid and unsure, but she knew that if she didn't make this journey, she knew all would be lost. I can still close my eyes and see the scene.

Back in the fall, I made several trips to Charlotte. For the most part, the three hour drive is pretty boring, but there is one part of the drive that is absolutely breathtaking. The view, which is from the side of a mountain, leaves me at a loss for words.

On those drives, I began to imagine that the girl from my dream is from this wonderful land. I decided to ask her. She acknowledged that yes, she is from that land. And she's has been with me since. She has been telling me little things about herself and sharing her story.

It's a fascinating tale.

I think I should write it....

...would you read it?

It may take me five thousand years to finish this, considering that I will only be writing part-time, but I think it's made of awesome. While the story I write isn't exactly like what my hiking adventure with my friends, it amazes me that all of this began with a girl on a hike, and a caterpillar named Sean.

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Heather D said...

If you write it, we will read. Pinky swear.

Bari said...

You can send it out chapter by chapter. If you write it, I will definitely read it!

Christie O. said...

ohmigod no question april you should write this! you're inspired! let the fingers flow!!!!
and yes, we will read it. LOVE IT ALREADY!!

Roo said...

YES YES YES!!!! I would LOVE to read it. Do it! :)

Anonymous said...

Yes!! If you do write it I will definitely read it.

Anonymous said...

Well, der. Of course you should write it. Why would you NOT?

Beki said...

Yes! Write it!! I can't wait to read it!!

Big E's Mom said...

This sounds like an excellent story! I am ready to read it already, but I'll wait 5 thousand years if I have to!

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