A Beer Review: Shiner

It's no secret; I like beer. I like most beers. Light beers, amber beers, dark beers. If it's beer, I'll try it at least once. My favorite is Chimay, but at $5 for 10 ounces, I don't buy it very often. (Not to mention that it is loaded with calories.)

has been telling me that Shiner, which is made in her very own Texas, is the best beer.

Today has been A DAY, so I decided that I'm going to have some beer tonight. I worked out, showered, then headed to the grocery store, and there right in front of me (well, okay, it was above me, I'm short and it was on the top shelf) was Shiner. And, if that wasn't enough to get excited, they have a variety pack! I did NOT squeal in the grocery store, and the dude next to me most certainly did NOT look at me funny. Nope. I would NEVER do something like that.

Choice made. (duh.) And I may drink all six. Because afterall, I'm doing this review for you guys. ;o)

Shiner Bock:

Ooooh, it has a really nice amber color. I love me some amber beers! Taste: Loving it...nice and smooth, no after taste. Man, these go down really smooth. And quick. Shhh...don't tell anyone, I've only had it poured for about 20 mins or so, and, well, there isn't much left. Christy says this is her favorite. I can see why. Kudos, my friend!

Shiner Light:

Slightly darker than typical light beers. Reminds me a lot of Sam Adams Light. (BTW: I've never met a Sam I didn't like.) I'm loving the taste on this one too. Slightly stronger taste than the Bock; not as sweet, but still very enjoyable. No aftertaste. Me likes. The bock is still in the lead though.

Shiner Blonde:

Color reminds me more of Bud Light, but it tastes oh so much better than Bud Light!! (Sorry all of you BL fans! Sort of. Bud Light is crap. Miller Lite is better.) I'm noticing now that they all have a similar flavor to them, and I really like it. A lot. I think the bock is still my favorite.

Shiner big long H name-crap, hang on...Hefeweizen:

This is an unfiltered wheat ale. You can always tell unfiltered beers because they look kind of cloudy, and to me they're some of the best beers out there. This one has a citrus-y taste and I've totally had this before. Cabin last year. I'm sure of it. Love it lots. I still say the bock is better. Need more bock, I think. ;o)

Shiner Kosmos:

Color: Not quite amber; not quite light. Tastes a lot like the light. It's a tad bit sweeter; maybe. I don't remember. Not the worst, not the best. Bring more bock. Now.

Shiner Bohemian Black Lager:

Looks much like Guinness. I have to admit, I have to be in a mood for Guinness. And that's rare. I'm hesitant around beers that look like motor oil, but this? Not bad at all. For a dark beer, it has no after taste. Is really kind of sweet. I like.

Overall assessment? Love me some Shiner.

The winner of the night?? Shiner Bock.

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Bacardi Mama said...

Oh, if I only liked beer. Now, if you ever review Bacardi flavors, I'm your girl!

Christy M. said...

OMG, I'm seriously dying here. I'm so impressed that you tried and reviewed all 6 of them. My favorite, of course, is Bock, but I love Blonde, and pretty much stick to Light, since I'm tyring to lose weight :)

Cheers to you, hooker! You're the best!!!

Jacki said...

I'm so glad you love the Shiner!
I felt like I was holding my breath while reading the review, my heart couldn't take it if you didn't like the Texas beer. (I'm from Texas, just a touch proud ya know!)

The Mama - aka Heather said...

Sadly, I am a Coors Light fan. It is a remnant from my college days.
However, we have some great breweries around here, one being Red Hook. I loves it! You should try some if you can.
I'll be on the lookout for the Shiner. Not sure if they have it over here in WA...

Jessica said...

I think you missed your calling as a Brew Master for a brewing company, April! Man, i love the variety pack! ;-)Speaking of experimenting, Rob tried Blue Moon this weekend. He was not a fan. lol.

Jessica said...

Oh, and I love the pictures too. Nice visuals!!

Not Jenny said...

So YOU are the one who gave me the beer craving!!!!

You are welcome on my front porch any time. (I have mugs in the freezer waiting.)

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