Girls' Cabin Weekend '09

If you look at the the pictures of our cabin, you would think that this is the best place on the planet.

I mean, am I right or am I right? But we quickly found out that the owners of this magnificent spot on Earth are not keeping the place as nice as they could and should. The weeds around the pool were awful, the pool water tasted like salt water, the hot tub needed more water and, honestly, it smelled funky. But if you want to talk about some stank, you should have smelled what was coming from the dishwasher that didn't work. Try fishy. And last night, when trying to used the sink, the water poured right on out into the floor from the dishwasher. And I'm pretty sure the basement was well on it's way to being flooded.

Oh no, you're saying, right? Well, hold on. I'm not going to spend the entire post talking about how there were some things that sucked about that house. Because as nice as it is to go to CABIN, the house isn't what makes Cabin the most wonderful thing that it is.

Cabin is about the people. It's about escaping from everyday life to spend 3 wonderful days with girlfriends.

It means grabbing the microphone and singing karaoke and dancing the night away.

It means taking silly photos because, who cares? It's Cabin, and we can do what we want.

It means having an 80's costume party because who doesn't love the 80's?

It means just hanging out on the back deck, telling good stories, and laughing lots.

And yes, Cabin even means that all Cabin activity must stop at 9 p.m. Sunday night for those individuals who are hooked on the show True Blood. I mean, ya'll were truly on the edge of your seats!

To Jess, Rachael, Christine, Susan, Becky, Kerry, Rainy, Naomi, Tammy, and Joalenn: THANK YOU, ladies for the 3 day party-I mean a most wonderful weekend! Cabin is not Cabin without you there. It's you that makes Cabin what it is, so the weeds at the non-chlorine pool, the fishy smelling dishwasher, and the lack of cell phone coverage-oh yeah, did I mention that?! You get cell coverage in very few places at this cabin. One of the spots is right here:

Not good if you're addicted to Twitter. But, with you all at Cabin, I can handle all of those things because YOU are my Cabin. If that makes any sense. :o)

Girls, you'll have your pictures soon, I promise. All 500 of them.

Love, April

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Kerry said...

This is a great preview!!!! I had a GREAT time!!!! Love ya guys!!

Kerry said...

This is a great preview!!!! I had a GREAT time!!!! Love ya guys!!

Anonymous said...

April, you are the best. I almost cried! I think our little "mis-haps" just give us more to laugh about. And now that I'm back in the world of five bars on my cell, I can laugh even more. Luv ya girlie, thanks for the a greatly needed break from reality!

Bacardi Mama said...

Sounds like you girls had a blast. Nothing like spending time with the girls!!

*Lissa* said...

Sounds like so much fun!!! I need one of those weekends!

Anonymous said...

That sounds great, despite the hiccups!!

Jessica said...

Love the pics (and can't wait for more!)!!! I'm still recovering...That was insanely fun! Although I still can't believe I didn't get the Cabin Party Animal trophy!! :-)

The Mama - aka Heather said...

Aside from the stanky cabin, that looks like a blast!

Washing Away the Gain said...

Oh I love that you all watch True Blood. I love that and Weeds. I have to make sure I always watch them when they are on, and all other shows can wait.
Looks like a great time (love the 80 theme too) despite the fishy dishwasher!

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