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Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans

It's Wednesday, and you know what that means! It's weigh-in day over at the Sisterhood's Shrinking Days of Summer challenge! So, lay it on me, how did you do?

I only lost 0.2 lb this week, but considering that I have that monthly visitor that we all love to hate, I can't really complain. Any loss during this week of the month should be highly celebrated. I could have easily stepped on the scales and had a gain.

A lady at work this week complimented me on my weight loss. This particular person is not my favorite person to talk to, but I thanked her and tried to continue to work. She just stood there which meant she wanted to talk more. Great.

So, I looked back at her, and she asked me how I did it. (I've told her this before. But whatever.) So, I said, I just eat eat healthy and exercise. She asked how much more I want to lose. (She's never going away, is she?) I tell her 14 more pounds. And she tried to finish my sentence and say, "and then you can quit, right?"

Wrong. I politely answered no. Then I sort of when into lecture mode. I will have to eat healthy and work out for the rest of my life. (Seriously. Do I have to scream that IT'S NOT A DIET!!) I told her this is just my life now. And really while ever now and then I will give myself a break, I will never not eat healthy and work out. And I'm just fine with that. I'd rather eat healthy and BE healthy than to eat crap every single day and be back to a size 18!

I also learned that people I don't want to talk to will leave when I get on my exercise and nutrition soapbox. (Because they don't get it yet and don't want to hear that it's a lifestyle change.) Trust me, this was noted. :o)

Last week's weight: 143.4
This week's weight: 143.2

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Anonymous said...

Having a loss during TOM is a great thing, no matter how small. Good for you for standing up and telling your coworker how it is.

People quit too often when they reach their goal...that's why they always have to do it again.

It's called maintanence people...check into it!

Great Job April!

ValleyGirl said...

Haha, preach it, sistah!!! You're so right. I did a post a while back about needing to define and start living my NEW "normal." It's tough, but it gets results ~ and most importantly, it KEEPS the results!!!

Great going, losing this time of the month and all!

Brooke said...

lol! she completely deserved it.

i actually had a coworker come out and ask me how much i'd lost.

so i tell her 8 pounds.

"is that all?"

nosy people are so not cool.

Mel @ A Box of Chocolates said...

I'm very impressed with any loss during TOM. Good for you! Here is to a great week ahead!

Christy - The Sisterhood said...

Congrats on your loss this week! I'm so proud of you!!

The story about your co-worker is great. I think you did a great job laying it all out for her. Maybe one day she'll get it. Maybe.

Christie O. said...

congrats on the loss!! too funny, see that's my problem. i get down to a certain place then i stop. but it's finally sunk in that i can't stop. and actually if i keep doing all this fun stuff like races, i won't want to! anyhoo, great job shrinking! hey, maybe you taught her a little something while you were at it!

Mommy Mo said...

You can lay it all out on me.

OK, that doesn't sound quite right, ha ha.

You know what I mean.


Bacardi Mama said...

Great job. Congratulations on putting your coworker in her place.

Washing Away the Gain said...

Congrats on your loss!! and during TOM WhOOoHOoOoO!!

I think people always want a quick fix, and when they find out it's a lifestyle change they don;t want to hear it. Good for you!!

The Mama - aka Heather said...

Soapboxes rule! When you're done standing on it, you should throw it at her!
Good job on the loss even with the visitor...you showed that beyotch! HA!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the loss. I hope your boobs are better.

And get on with your bad self with telling people that we are in it for the long haul, baby.

CraftGirlAlli said...

the joys of being a woman lol. yay for losing even a little bit! go team black!

Anonymous said...

Sorry that the not so friendly visitor is visiting. It is hard for people who don't get what it takes to be healthy (lose weight) to understand that more often than not the exercise makes you feel good. The sweating is a good thing. The breathing hard is a good thing. I've also learned personally that you can't force someone to do something they aren't ready for. I have never been able to be motivated by external forces. It has to be 100% internal to get started and then periodically it's nice to hear outside reinforcement, but that's not what drives me. Congrats on getting closer to your goal.

DALewis said...

Good for you educating your co-workers. Some people don't get it. Really.

Congrats on the loss with the monthly visitor. :)

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