100 Things

1. I am 25 days from being 31 years old.
2. I’m getting older, but not OLD. (This is a Good Times Planning Motto.)
3. Good Times Planning is what my friend, Jessie, and I call our good times together. We love good times and planning them!
4. I love that I’m a Gemini. Very few people know why.
5. I was born in Salem, VA but was raised in Roanoke, VA (Um, they’re in the same valley)
6. I still live in Roanoke. I hate it here a lot of days.
7. I have one sibling, a brother, but I also grew up with my two older boy cousins. So I often will say I have 2 older brothers and one younger brother.
8. As a result of growing up with 3 boys, I know the ins and outs of most sports.
9. I’m also a fan of video games. I have a Wii, Xbox360, and PlayStation2 hooked up and ready to go.
10. One of my great-grandmothers was Cherokee. From her, I got my complexion, and I love it. I’ve heard there is more Native American in my ancestry, but no one seems to know which tribe.
11. I also have English, Irish, and Dutch roots.
12. I have dark brown hair. My brother has blond hair. (Well what hair he has left ;o)
13. I LOVE animals. All of them.
14. Except spiders.
15. My favorite are giraffes.
16. I have a German Shepherd Dog, a Cocker Spaniel, an African Grey parrot, and a cockatiel.
17. The next dog I plan to get (one day) is a Great Dane.
18. I’m left-handed, but I play most sports right-handed.
19. I love to paint and draw.
20. I have never taken an art class outside of what I had to take in school.
21. When I was 14 one of my paintings was displayed in the airport in our state capital.
22. The thing that I remember the most about being 5 was being in the hospital with pneumonia.
23. I was sick a lot as a child.
24. Since we’re on the subject of health, I’ll get it out of the way; I’ve lost a total of 62 lbs.
25. When it comes to exercise and nutrition, I know my shit.
26. Is that bragging? Hope not.
27. I love all things science fiction. Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate. LOVE them.
28. I love TV way more than I should.
29. But I also love being outdoors.
30. I live 5 minutes from the Blue Ridge Parkway; I have a ton of hiking trails to choose from.
31. When I was 21, my mom, dad, brother, and I hiked to the top of a mountain on the Parkway.
32. It was one of the best days of my life.
33. We didn’t take a lot of vacations when I was a kid. Smith Mountain Lake is about 45 mins away. We had a camper on the lake.
34. I wouldn’t change my childhood summers for anything.
35. Most vacations we did take were to Louisiana. My grandparents used to live there, and I still have an aunt, uncle, and cousins there.
36. I’ve never been to Disney World or traveled outside of the U.S. One day.
37. I love ranch dressing with all things pizza.
38. This one’s cute: My mom and her siblings called her grandmother, “Mom.” (Not sure why). I’m told when I was 3, I marched into my granny’s house and insisted I wanted to see “Granny-mom.” Hence, a nickname was born and all of the great-grandchildren called her this. Even my cousins who are older than me.
39. Also, when I was 3, one day I was swinging on the arms of the couch and chair, slipped, and knocked out my front tooth. I remember that day vividly.
40. My brother was born when I was almost 4. When my dad picked me up to go see my baby brother in the hospital, I told him I’d rather not because I asked for a sister. Not a brother.
41. I’m pretty certain I was a handful as a tot.
42. My brother and I were close until we hit the teenage years. We haven’t been close since.
43. My eyes are green.
44. I have my BS in Mathematics. I’m weird like that.
45. I concentrated in Statistics. I know, right?
46. I also joined a sorority in college. Any other Chi Omegas out there?
47. I played basketball in high school.
48. For the past 5 years I’ve bowled on a league.
49. I took 3rd in a tournament not too long ago, but I’m really not that good.
50. I bowl for the beer. ;o)
51. My favorite author is Nora Roberts. I have almost every book she’s ever written. I think.
52. My favorite book series as a kid was the Annie of Green Gables series, followed closely by the Baby-Sitters Club.
53. I also love the Harry Potter books.
54. My favorite book of all, though, is Marley and Me. I refuse to see the movie. I don’t want the book to be ruined for me, and it hasn’t been long since I lost Charlotte. I think it’s just too soon.
55. I read credits at TV shows and movies. Did you know that the director always gets the last credit in the opening sequence?
56. I have many, many, many random facts in my head.
57. My memory is weird like that.
58. I have a very bad habit of liking bad movies. I think Space Camp is one of the best movies ever!
59. I can tell you almost every actors’ names (and the characters they played) that are/were on all of my favorite shows.
60. I told you my memory is weird like that.
61. I don’t keep ice in my house. I don’t like ice. Instead I freeze my glasses.
62. My favorite food is Mexican food. Followed by Cajun food.
63. 90% of the food in my house is organic.
64. I live about an hour away from the lake where a lot of Dirty Dancing was filmed.
65. I taught myself how to play the mandolin.
66. I have never been in a wedding.
67. Back to being 3-or maybe I was 4-my mom told me to leave the iron alone. What did I do? I decided to “help”. Result: iron fell on my left hand. I still have the scar from this.
68. I have a birthmark on my back that is in the exact place and exact shape of a scar my dad has on his back. It’s one of my favorite things.
69. I sucked my thumb and had a blanket when I was a toddler-okay, I sucked my thumb until I was 5, and I still have a blanket. And yes, it has ribbon and yes I rub the ribbon. Don’t judge. ;o)
70. I didn’t wear glasses or contacts until after college. I have a really bad habit of breaking my glasses, so I wear my contacts most of the time.
71. I can juggle.
72. The year I turned 25, my mom turned 50, and her mom turned 75. I just think that’s cool.
73. I love antiquing.
74. I am a rock star in the shower or car. Outside of these two places, not so much.
75. When I make a sandwich, the deli meat MUST touch the side of the bread with mayo. It just tastes better that way.
76. Chips and salsa are always in my house. I could live off them.
77. When I was 26 I bought my house.
78. I started my blog in May 2008, but didn’t really keep up with it until January 2009.
79. You can blame, I mean, thank Christy for that.
80. The first blog post I ever commented on was this one. Written by Lisa. I was so impressed when she emailed me back and thanked me for my comment.
81. As was I when I got emails from Christy, Melissa, and Crooked Eyebrow the first day I ever contacted Shrinking Jeans.
82. If loving coffee, beer, and carrot cake (not necessarily in that order) is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.
83. One of my dreams is to own a greenhouse.
84. I have done the Skycoaster before. It was THE BEST thrill of my life.
85. I’ve met several country music artists. Some of them that seem like they would be nice are not nice at all. As a result of these experiences, I don’t listen to country music much anymore.
86. I don’t really listen to radio at all anyway. They play songs until you’re sick of them.
87. I got my belly button pierced on a dare.
88. I HATE sarcasm. (Read with sarcasm.)
89. I really miss the TV show Friends.
90. When I was 6 my mom had my hair cut into a Dorothy Hamill. I know.
91. I love my friends with all of my heart. If you are one of these people, you know it.
92. I love falling asleep to an open window when the rain is falling.
93. My middle name is Denise.
94. My mom recently told me that she wanted to name me Brynna Jade. My dad wouldn’t agree.
95. Seriously, Brynna Jade is way cooler than April Denise. What the hell?!
96. My favorite beer is Chimay.
97. I started a book once. I really should finish it.
98. I love my Blackberry way more than I should.
99. I have my very own Jillian Michaels. I love her.
100. I plan to do a lot more traveling here soon. Seriously. I'm gonna. ;o)

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Anonymous said...

You rock.

The end.

Melissa said...

That's a great list. We have some things in common!

You mentioned Jillian Michaels. I've just started one of her work outs. She is great and tough!

You're so good at coming up with random things! I can't think of that many interesting random things.

Good job.

Brooke said...

lol! i sucked my thumb till the kids in kindergarten made fun of me. :P

i hope to have my zipline pictures up by lunch :)

Jessica said...

Jillian says finish The Shred!!! ;-) *mwah* (how very un-Jillian of me...)

Christy M. said...

You are a ROCK STAR! Seriously, this the greatest post! And I love all of your random facts. If I ever want to know something random, I know exactly who to ask :)

Happy 100th post, girl! I love you!

Christy M. said...

p.s. are you bringing you blanket to Chicago?

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