Weigh-In Wednesday : Late

Whoa. I am way late posting today. I usually get up early to weigh in and post about it before work. Today, I felt like sleeping a bit later, so I'm sorry for the late post!

The past few days have been nothing but stressful. I'm not going into all the crazy details. Monday was insane and well, that's pretty much how the week has gone. SUCK. So when I stepped on the scales I wasn't surprised to see a gain.

Last week's weight: 144.6
This week's weight: 144.8

Okay, I KNOW this is a very small gain, but still. I'm not disappointed. I'm not upset. This was one of those weeks when life happens. Life happened, and I'm dealing with it, and I'm managing to basically maintain. So, I'ma pat myself on the back just a bit. :o)

One week left of the Sisterhood's challenge, and I'm no where near goal, but I am shrinking, so I'm fine with it. How are you doing?

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ValleyGirl said...

That's so small a gain that I'd still consider that maintaining last week's weight. If you didn't have a digital scale, it would probably show the same numbers!

I hope whatever was causing the stress is over/gone/done and this week you can get back into the groove! Keep up the great work!!

KCs Mama said...

I agree with ValleyGirl! I don't have a digital scale so I don't always see those little differences. Sounds like you are doing great! Good attitude to have when those stressful weeks come along. And they always do!

Brooke said...

the important part is that you didn't go hog wild when the stress came - great job! :)

ps - you are my jillian!

Vickie said...

That is such a teeny weenie gain, that on my scale would not show up:)

I hope things go more smoothly for you this coming week.

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