A SERIOUS Case of the Mondays

Wanna talk about a "Case of the Mondays"?

Alarm goes off. It's dreary out. I want to stay in bed. I should have stayed in bed. But I didn't. I roll out of bed (yes, sometimes I literally roll out of bed), let the dogs out, get into the shower, get out of the shower, and decide I'm going to lie back down for just 10 minutes.

Ha. Thirty minutes later, I roll out of bed for a second time, this time my ass is in gear because I am pushing it on being late for work. I decide to wear one of my favorites, a 3/4 sleeve white dress shirt. (I love white dress shirts; I look damn good in them.) I head to the bathroom to slap some make-up on because, let's face it, I'm not not going to work with no make-up on, I don't care how late I am. I squeeze the tube of foundation and the tube of foundation decides to fart all over my white dress shirt.

I should have gotten back into bed. But I didn't.

I go to work. It's your typical work day at my company. My favorite part of the day is lunch when I can escape for an hour and laugh with friends. I don't have to think about my job or the limbo that is my dating life right now. (Don't ask.)

After work, I head to the grocery store. All is well. The day is looking better. I'm going to get to be home soon and starting round two of the Shred with my Sisters. I decide to get snarky with a Sister and remind her to Shred on my Blackberry. Then I get an email on my Blackberry, am reading the email, and Grace enters.

Grace is my alter ego also known as Klutz. Grace gets butterfingers, lets my Blackberry slip from her hands. In slow motion I watch my beloved Blackberry flip, flip, flip and fall. It lands on its touchscreen face. When I pick it up, the lovely screen is black.

I try rebooting. Three times. Nothing. It's dead.

I run home, throw the cold stuff in the fridge, run back out to my friendly neighborhood Verizon store. I wait forever. Finally, when it's my turn, I show the rep my phone after explaining I tried rebooting 3 times. What does she do? Tries rebooting. Seriously? Did she not hear me?

Then she takes it in the back and whatever magic those people perform in the back doesn't work. They need to ask for new wands. But I knew it wouldn't work. I'm enough of a gadget girl to know the thing is beyond help. She comes back clicks away on the keyboard and tells me she's going to have to order me a new phone and it'll be here Wednesday. And I should have someone at home to sign for it. She smiles. I frown. I ask if another store in my city has one. Nope. I ask if I could have a loaner. Nope. I ask her if she realizes that this is my only means of communication with most of the people I know. She's sorry. Is she freaking kidding?

I have lost all of my phone numbers, all of my texts messages, all of my videos, and all of my pictures. SUCK.

I leave in mad tears. Get home way past my work out time. Still in tears over my poor, poor Blackberry and the hectic day that was Monday. I'm hungry, and I'm just plain pissed off. I seriously think I need a vacation. Some place where the clock always says five. (Who's in?)

Then I Shred anyway. Because I said I would.

I still want to go on vacation where it's five o'clock all the time. And I want my Blackberry back.

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Brooke said...

sorry to laugh at your plight, but i couldn't help myself at the makeup farting on your shirt! :P

and i'm (sorta almost) a IS person - the reason she rebooted any way is because they don't believe you. people here the instruction to reboot and say "yeah i did that" even when they didn't.

working on stuff like this you have to treat people like they are 3 years old. "see the big black button? push it." frustrating for those of us with a brain, but alas, the way the tech support world works.

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