On The Appalachian Trail

Our destination: McAfee Knob. According to Hiking Upward from the parking lot to the top of the mountain is 4.4 miles and a climb of about 1700 ft (note: the elevation at the top is 3197. I was confused in thinking I actually climbed that much, but still 1700 ft is a HELL of a hike. Trust me.) McAfee Knob is also "one of the most photographed spots on the A.T." and the panoramic view is AMAZING!

We set out with Scout as our fearless leader! (Isn't she beautiful?!)

The trail was so GREEN and looked mostly just like this, so I'll spare you 100 photos of this!

And here I am. Notice how I am one sweaty mess, and not even at the top yet. About half a mile to go!

FINALLY! We're at 3197 ft!

And I ate lunch to this view!

McAfee Knob

I'm gonna jump!

It was so foggy, but still so beautiful!

Our group shot! (I did NOT slip on the rock trying to sit down! I SWEAR.)

And we did it. Together. What a proud moment this was for us!

The End.

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Mommy Mo said...

That is so cool that you live close enough to the AT to hike parts of it- VERY COOL. Good job!

Brooke said...

gorgeous hike! :) sounds like the one i did this weekend. the trail up wasn't much to speak of (and 4.5 miles long) but the view from the top made it all worth it!

ValleyGirl said...

Awesome pictures!! What a great hike! I love that group shot, too.

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