I feel like I’ve hit a wall and don’t know what to do.
I admit that, in this area, I’m feeling a little blue.
What do you do when your heart is so unsure
Of what is play and of what is pure?

I thought things were going in one direction strong,
And now I’m almost quite sure I was maybe wrong.
And that’s fine if that’s the way it is to be
But right now I kind of want to crawl under a tree.

I was really fine and happy being on my own,
So I know I will be again, should I be once more alone.
And I don’t really know what’s going on yet
But I know that I’m kind of starting to fret.

I’ve tried not to think on it, tried to put it all away
In the back of my mind, and save it for another day.
But we all know that my mind I cannot block,
When I’m really onto something, I think a lot like Spock.

Except when the heart is concerned, logic is no more,
And right now my logic is shaken. Shaken to the core.
What the heck do I do? Try to just go with the flow?
Is that what he wants? To go really, really slow?

I wish he would just tell me, rather than make things feel weird.
Or at least I feel weird, and maybe just a little scared.
I honestly wished that I didn’t give a care
That I could just say "whatever" with quite a snarky flare.

I guess for now I’m just going to see what he does next.
And hope that I’m not failing some sort of dating test.
There is only so much I will take though, and I’m not the type for fits.
I’m more the type to say, “you can really kiss my ass”.

Note: The last line was originally "kiss my grits". And as much as I love the old TV show "Alice" and that line from that show, I know that's not me. I'd say "kiss my ass." But I thought the "kiss my grits part was funny, so read it as you'd like. ;o)

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Mommy Mo said...

Talk to me goose. I need deets please. What is wrong with this guy? Do I need to pound him over the head with my trusty frying pan?

Brooke said...

do i need to kick someone's grits?

and i'll say i think that the use of a non-rhyming word at the end makes it all the more poetic!

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