At the Peaks of Otter

Going to the Peaks was not our first choice of destinations when my parents and I headed to the Blue Ridge Parkway this morning. We first started in the opposite direction heading towards North Carolina. We got to the trail we wanted to hike, and it was pouring rain. So, we needed a Plan B. We knew the sun was shining in Roanoke, so we headed back and kept on driving until we got to the Peaks of Otter. If you're ever in Virginia, this is a must see! We tried a new trail today. The Harkening Hills Trail: 3.3 miles, and while our map said "moderate" as the difficulty level, I can honestly say that the first 1.3 miles was straight up. Here are some things we saw on our hike:

I almost stepped on this little guy!

These were in full bloom. I think they're called Bluets? Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

Do you see the wildlife here?

Our map said this trail had interesting geological formations. Yes, they are interesting, but the look like just really big rocks to me. You?

More wildlife. Do you see him?

Looking back on the trail.

That was my last picture. Not two minutes after, it started to rain. A lot. I got wet. My camera was snug in my backpack. Whew. :o)

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Brooke said...

gorgeous hike! :)

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