Bayleigh and Kelci

I’ve been missing Charlotte a lot lately. I never knew how much I’d miss that silly little dog. In the past few weeks, though, every time I walk into my parents’ house, I look for her just knowing she’s going to greet me with her usual “Here I am, pet me!” bark. But, of course, she's not there.

But rather than give you a long sappy post that will leave me (and possibly you) in tears, I’ll give you a funny one. Well, at least I think it’s funny.

The day that I brought Kelci home, my little German Shepherd was only 6 lbs. She was the runt, and even though I didn’t know it at the time, she was dangerously sick. I was so excited that I had my new pup, I burst into my apartment, anxious to introduce my dogs to one another, and Bayleigh, my cocker spaniel was less than thrilled.

She took the stance that “If I ignore it, it will just go away.” Sorry Bayleigh.

So, when it was time for bed, I put Bayleigh in her crate at the foot of my bed. (Don’t feel bad for her. She prefers it.) Next to my bed I had a nice new crate stuffed full of stuffed animals and a ticking clock. Just for Kelci. So, I snuggled little Kelci into her crate, turn off the lights and wait.

Two minutes and the whining began. I was sure she would eventually settle down.

An hour later, I wasn’t so sure. What was I going to do? I had to work the next day. I needed to sleep. Ah! Solution: PUT THEM IN A CRATE TOGETHER. Excellent idea! Right?!

So, I got Kelci out, put her in the crate with Bayleigh, turned the lights out and……silence! I waited about 20 minutes, turned on the lamp, peeked over the bed and I see Kelci just as happy as can be sleeping at Bayleigh’s feet. Bayleigh was sitting straight up looking at me as if to say, “I really hate you right now.”

So, the solution? Kelci slept with me.

This is Kelci and Bayleigh today. See the way Bayleigh is looking at me there? Not too much different than that night. Here she is saying, "Will you get her off my porch?"

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