Monday Confessions on Tuesday

Lisa over at the Sisterhood has posted her True Confessions on Tuesday instead of Monday. You want to play, too? Just go here!

1. I broke up with the guy I was seeing today.

2. I know I some of the blame is my fault.

3. I own up to it.

4. I’m pretty much feeling like a failure right now.

5. I still don’t want to date him though.

6. I’m thinking about moving to Alaska, though.

7. Okay, maybe not Alaska, but maybe somewhere…hmmm..

8. And it’s not just because of today’s events.

9. I need a Happy Hour. Who’s in?

10. Or maybe pizza…

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Not Jenny said...

Break ups are so, so hard. I am very sorry you have to go through that.

I had pizza last night. I woke up feeling icky and bloated this morning. You don't want that on top of feeling sad, do you? A cocktail might take the edge off.....

Big, big hugs.

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