A Mother's Day Post

I am not a mother. If you were to spend time with me while around children, though, you would wonder why I'm not a mother. I have been given the gift of being good with kids. It just comes naturally to me. It always has.

Let me give you an example. I have a friend who lives in Pittsburgh. The last time I visited her and her family, one night when dinner was almost ready, without thinking about it, I asked the kids what they would like to drink, got glasses down, and poured. Her husband looked at me and said, "Can you move in?"

Had you asked me just 5 years ago, I would tell you the thing I wanted most in the world was to be a mother. Now, I'm not so sure. I think that part of this is because I've just rediscovered myself and am still getting to know me. (If that makes sense.) There are days that I will tell you I'm perfectly happy being just me and being the "cool aunt" to my nephew, younger cousins, and friends' kids.

Then there are days that I absolutely long for that child that I may never get the privilege of meeting . I want to see her and hold her and kiss her so badly. (Yes, she's a girl, and she has a name. ;o) I want to watch her grow and laugh with her and cry with her. Yes, there are some days that my heart literally aches to know that kind of love.

I went shopping today, and all around me I either saw people shopping for their mothers or mothers and children together. And you could just see the love between these people. It was so nice, and my heart ached.

To all of my beautiful friends who are mothers (that would be most of you, no?):

I can't tell you how lucky I feel to know you. Honestly, when I first found you all, I was afraid. I was worried that you may think that because I'm not a mom, you may would think that we have nothing in common. But you didn't think that and you have accepted me and I love you for it. I love reading about and seeing pictures of your kids. I can just "see" the love that you have for your children that makes me so happy. Thank you for sharing that part of your lives with me.

I love you all, and I hope you have a Happy Mother's Day!

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DALewis said...

Happy Mothers Day, April! You'll have your little girl. In time. I was told I'd not be able to have children and ended up having 2. These things have a way of working out just right and when you least expect it. Hugs!

Brooke said...

Happy Mother's Day to you! :)

I'm actually the opposite of you - beyond my niece and nephew I don't like kids.

But there is something wonderful about the Princess thinking Aunt Boo is the coolest in the world. :)

The little man gets a pass, his 1st birthday is this month. he's not old enough to know how cool i am yet ;)

*Lissa* said...

Aw, sweet post!

Have a good day! Go spend some time with your little guy! :o)

Christy M. said...

Happy Mother's Day, April! You have furry and feathery babies, so that totally counts in my book. Plus, you're the best Aunt on the face of the earth, and that counts double!

Hope you have a wonderful, wonderful day!

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