I am from a family dominated by boys. On my dad’s side, only 2 out of 7 grandchildren and great-grandchildren are girls, and on my mom’s side only 4 out of 18 grandchildren and great-grandchildren are girls.

I have always, always longed for a sister. I can remember when I was 3, and my mom was pregnant with my brother, I would pray at night to be sent a sister.

That sister never came.

In college, I joined a sorority. Partly, because I knew it would piss my dad off, but partly I was still longing to have a sisterly relationship. I wanted to be able to say, I have a sister and she is wonderful.

Living at home during college made making friends hard. But what could I do when my dad wouldn’t pay for me to live on campus? Still, I made some really great friendships in my sorority, and I still keep in touch with a few of them.

But I still couldn’t call any of them my sister.

Then I re-connected with Jessie and Rachael, and I can say that I have sisters now and I love them. But then…

I found this site. A Sisterhood. And I will admit, I was shy at first. But the welcome that these girls gave me was truly amazing. I love talking with each and every one that I can each day. Some of them are my friends for life. They have become my family. And now I have more sisters. Even though we haven’t met (yet), I love them. And I hope they know that.

They are the embodiment of Sisterhood.

The prayers of a 3 year old girl have been answered. I have sisters, and they are wonderful.

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Jessica said...

You can NEVER have too many sisters!! I love you, woman!!

Brooke said...

i can honestly say i have a sister and she's my best friend - but i always wanted a big brother! funny how you want what you don't have :P (my sis's hubs is more protective than any big brother you could want so i got my wish too).

i'm proud to be your sister. :) every little sister needs a big sister to take her hand and guide her down the right path. thanks for being such an awesome teacher!

Mommy Mo said...

You are too sweet! I wish you were my sister....then, I could call you up and ask you to watch my kids while I run to the gocery store!!!!!!!

If we were sisters IRL, we could go shopping together, do Happy Hour, dissect your dating life and my married life ad nauseum, go on vacations, talk on the phone every day.....

But, I'll take the next best thing and that is being friends with you on the WWW : ).

*Lissa* said...

I've always wanted a sister too - I was given 3 "half" brothers who are a decade younger than me! Love them, but we are not super close!

Gotta love the internet for bringing all these wonderful women into my life! :o)

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