The Brave One

My cocker spaniel, Bayleigh is a very shy and timid dog. The poor thing is afraid of the shower curtain. Don't believe me, come over. I'll show you. It's hilarious. ;o) But she's especially afraid of men. In fact, my dad is the only man she is comfortable around. (I suspect she was mistreated before I got her.)

Whether it's someone to look at the heat pump or the cable guy or the mail man, she steers clear. Instead of barking, she does this little half bark, half growl number that just announces to the world that she is scared out of her mind. (It's really kind of cute.)

And if the stranger comes into the yard, she will go completely out of her way to stay away. What I mean by this is that she stays on the perimeter of the yard next to the fence running to the complete opposite side of the yard from the stranger. Poor dog. (Now, me being the responsible owner will not allow strangers in the yard without me or one of my family members there because, well she's a dog, and you never know about scared animals.)

So, as part of the suck that was last week, my lawnmower died. I can't really complain because it was free and lasted four years. Today, my dad brought the new mower to my house and with him came a friend of his whom we were giving the old mower to for parts.

Bayleigh-girl started her "scared" bark and heads to the fence. Except this time, she circled back to sniff my dad's friend's heels. When he turned to pet her, she took off and started this all over again. My dad said she did this three times before she gave up and headed for her spot under the deck. I wish I were there to see my scared little dog who was so intrigued with this man that she had to sniff his ankles.

Brave, isn't she?

Now, Kelci? She would lick you, then help you carry the TV away. But don't tell any of the people in my neighborhood that, k? I have them all thinking that she will bite on command. (If you lived here, you'd understand!)

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Tiffany said...

The problem with my dogs is that they love EVERYBODY. Brenna only growled and someone once, and I'm pretty sure that guy must have been pure evil. I know that they're big and sound scary, but if a stranger got in, they'd probably just lick them to death! Except that Bear "smiles" when someone comes in. It looks like he's baring his teeth, but he's really just happy to see you. I can always hope that an intruder wouldn't notice the wagging tail...

Brooke said...

lol! the UPS guy knew my dad and ran into him at work one day. my dad asked him if our mean attack dog (a lab mutt) ate him up.

UPS dude said "no he didn't even have a problem with me peeing off your front porch"

our dog sounds a lot like Kelci. :P poor bayleigh!

Christie O. said...

haha! what a sweet sweet soul she looks like!! i just wanna pet her!!

♥RocĂ­o♥ said...

She is so cute!
♥~•*☼♥♫¨*•.Have a Lovely Day!.•*¨♫♥☼*•~♥

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