How To Sit in A Chair-by Clay

Step 1. Place both hands on seat of chair.

Step 2. Place left foot on seat of chair. This helps with balance. Or something. Note: sticking tongue out is also helpful.

Step 3. If this happens, go back to Step 1. If not, continue to next step.

Step 4. Place knee on seat of chair and rotate.

Step 5. If this happens, go back to Step 1. If not, continue to next step.

Step 6. Continue rotating until your butt is almost in the seat of the chair.

Step 7. Put foot back on floor and you're done! Celebrate such hard work!

The End.

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My Regular Voice said...

I love it! So cute!

Brooke said...

lol! he's a cutie!! :D

Mesha said...

okay, that is seriously cute! love the "Go back to step one" comments. lol...I should make a 5 step process post about me getting off the floor. OH's seriously a chore. Have a good day! Saw u'r blog link on someone elses page and was browsing around blogger world.

Heather D said...

Love the clapping for himself at the end!

DALewis said...

These are ADORABLE! You're such a sweet aunt. :)

Christy M. said...

Aw, girl! He is so freaking cute. Seriously! I love the step by step. Isn't it fun?!!!

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