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This week's You Capture over at Beth's place, the challenge was Emotion. I'm not sure why I had such a hard time with this one. I guess I just didn't like anything that I took. But here are a few that I think work. Enjoy! :o)

Silly boy splashed himself with water then looked at the hose as if to say, "What did you do that for?!" Or something.

I know she is in desperate need of a haircut, but this one cracks me up. She's REALLY excited about the treat I'm holding! (I wasn't teasing her. For long.)

And this one, well, I'm going to tell you my emotion here. A couple, actually. Annoyance and frustration. It's been this way most of the week. Weeks, actually. And according to the weatherman, it's going to be this way a lot of the summer. I may consider moving at this point. Suggestions? Somewhere sunny. Thank you.

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Yelena R. said...

Cute shots! I totally agree with you on the last one. Where is the summer?

p.s. You blog header is lovely!

DALewis said...

Cute shots. The one of the dog begging for the treat cracked me up.

Let me suggest you NOT move to NW Minnesota. It's not so fabulous here either.

T~T said...

what child doesn't love playing with the water hose!

Mom 2 Four said...

Love it! What a cutie playing in the hose!

Brooke said...

nice crocs. i think my mom has that exact pair :P

CraftGirlAlli said...

I love the ones of him playing in the hose! Has he figured out how to get you wet? haha. I know what you mean about the's been that way here to! I hate it! Cute dog! Good shots!

Lisa Page Rosenberg said...

The hose is the best summer toy EVER!

Vickie said...

Oooo, bad hose:)

Your doggy is so adorable!

Cool picture of the clouds. Are those storm clouds? Sorry they are bringing you down.

Heather D said...

Cute shots!
Love the dog one - and I totally have those flip flops. Love them.

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