Got Sleep?

I have gotten into a very, very bad habit of not sleeping. I can go days on little sleep or restless sleep. I’m not proud of this. I know that sleep is needed and helps in weight loss. For various reasons, I have a really hard time turning my mind off. Some of these reasons are silly, some of them are amusing, and some of them just piss me off. So, without further adieu, here are the reasons that I don’t sleep.

I don’t sleep the night before tailgates. I’m so excited to go to football games or races that I just can’t stand it.

Same goes the night before a trip. Trip = no sleep.

If I’m upset or have a problem, I will sometimes stay awake all night trying to find a solution.

I used to sleep on Tuesday nights, but now, I don’t because I’m so excited, anxious, and nervous about Weigh-In Day. I’m anxious and nervous about how I did, and excited to see how everyone else did.

I don’t sleep on Wednesday nights because I can’t stop thinking about the TV show LOST. Every episode leaves me trying to figure out what the heck is going on. I’m glad next year is the last season of this show. I’d like my life back.

Thursday nights I sleep. It’s amazing what a few beers at bowling will do. Problem with Thursday nights is I don’t get home until midnight.

If I get a new video game or gadget, you can absolutely forget sleep. “Just five more minutes” ends up being two more hours.

If I get a new season of Stargate, I find myself saying “just one more episode”. Next thing you know, it’s past 2.

Some nights I do fall asleep and then my neighbors’ cat decides to sing to the moon at 3 AM. I love animals, but I hate that cat.

And sometimes if I get my hands on a good book, I just can’t put it down. I stayed up all night reading the last Harry Potter book. (This I’m quite proud of for some reason.)

So, you get the picture. :o)

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