Weigh-In Wednesday: No "Last Chance Work Out"

Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans

Ok, so I’m not feeling so great about this weigh-in. This is the last weigh-in for the Sisterhood’s Valentine’s Challenge, and I was really hoping for a great loss this week, and I know that just didn‘t happen. I know my food choices weren’t great, and I was fine with it because I was pretty sure I could put in enough good work outs to make up for it…until yesterday. I went to the gym with a friend even though I hate going to the gym and ended up basically helping her instead of really working out because she’s just staring out. I applaud her for taking the first steps in becoming healthy and I truly hope she sticks with it, but if I’m going to keep going to the gym with her (which I’m less than thrilled about the gym. I like my at home work outs.), then I’m going to have to re-arrange my work out schedule so that I can help her, but still help myself. Because I sure didn’t get the good “Last Chance Work Out” I was hoping for. So, let’s see the damage.

Last week’s weight: 149.4
This week’s weight: 149.2

Thoughts: Ok. I know a loss is a loss, and I’m extremely thankful for that, but I also know it could have been better. I know what went wrong here and now I need to fix it. And I think I know how to fix it. I just need to adjust my work outs. I think I can do that. I hope I can do it. Congrats to everyone this Challenge! You should be very proud of yourselves!

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Christy M. said...

I'm so proud of your loss, April! I know you had a tough weekend with lots of stress.

We'll do better together this week, okay!? I seriously feel so motivated to catch up with you ;)

ValleyGirl said...
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ValleyGirl said...

I can definitely empathize with little-to-no-loss weeks. But the important thing is to keep going, using our disappointment to FUEL OUR RESOLVE, rather than allowing it to drown us.

WE. CAN. DO. THIS!!!!!

Mommy Mo said...

April, you are in the 140's baby!!!!! Wahoo, I'm doing the happy dance for you. OK, the loss wasn't as big as you would have liked, BUT you did lose and you WILL lose some more. Of that, I am sure.

Vickie said...

You are still doing a good job. I read you story over at Shrinking Jeans. Good for you!

But, I can understand the disappointment when you think you could have done better. But, I think you are doing a great job. You are an inspiration.

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