True Confessions: Feb 16th edition

A couple of the girls over at Shrinking Jeans are posting their confessions. And I thought I'd play along again. So, here are my True Confessions for today:

1. I ate half a can of Pringles on Saturday night. They were left over from the company I had last weekend and well, they were there. At least they were reduced fat ones, right? Right?

2. I had a piece of double chocolate cake (cake is my only sweets weakness). If it were carrot cake, I would have had two pieces. Just being honest.

3. I also ate a bite size Almond Joy. I normally don’t eat sweets. Yesterday was a tad bit stressful.

4. On Thursday I bowled even though my thumb is sore and swollen. Now my thumb is more sore and more swollen.

5. Not related to this week but kinda funny: A few years ago at Thanksgiving, I tried to give the sweet potato casserole a try even though I don’t like it. I tried it. Didn’t like it, then I scraped the rest of it on my cousin’s plate when he wasn’t looking.

6. I totally had to Google more than a few of the spices that came on my new spice rack because I had never heard of them before. And now I feel dumb.

7. During my work out yesterday, I imagined I was punching my brother’s face at times. My brother is an arse.

8. I want to get out of town for a bit. Can’t afford to get out of town.

9. I stayed in my PJs all day Saturday. I MAY stay in them all day today.

10. I defended my favorite Nascar driver to my brother and dad yesterday when he caused a wreck even though I haven’t even been keeping up with racing here lately. I didn’t even really watch the Daytona 500 yesterday.

Whew, I feel much better. :o)

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Vickie said...

Hey good list. After reading yours, I wished I could add to mine.

I am in my jammies still:)

Christy M. said...

I love pringle too. That's why they aren't allowed in my house. Carrot cake is my weakness. LOVE IT! I should totally try out the boxing on Wii when I mad or frustrated with something! Good ideas, girl.

Don't feel dumb, I have no idea what half the spices on my spice rack are for either.

Hope you stayed in your jammies all day and enjoyed it!

Christy M. said...

Yeah, I'm totally not illiterate. I love PRINGLES!

....when I'm mad or frustrated.....

Sheesh, I should really just go to bed.

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