More Pennies

I woke very early that morning, six years ago,
I lay there awake, waiting, watching my clock glow.
And then at 5 I got that dreaded phone call;
You were gone, and I just stared at the wall.

I have to admit there were times when I hated you so.
You’d make me so mad, I wished you’d just go.
Little did I know that on purpose you’d do anything it took
To make me give you that “go to hell” look.

Now I can smile when I think of that,
And how you’d grin like a cheshire cat.
I’d give anything to see that grin once more,
Or to have you bounce my head on the floor.

I still have that great, big hole in my heart,
But, you know, the pain? Not quite as sharp.
There are still times that I cry with all my might,
Especially when I hear playing bagpipes.

Things I remember are now more good than bad.
Even those times when you made me really mad.
It seems like always when things aren‘t going my way,
You send me that sign that we gave you that day.

We sent you to Heaven with a slew of pennies.
Finding one now is better than any lotto winnings,
Because one of your pennies I always seem to find
When I have something really working on my mind.

I haven’t always kept your pennies this I will say,
But I still have the one I found on your birthday.
I found it under the chair where I sat with a friend
And taped on the fridge; there its time it will spend.

So thank you, dear uncle, for remembering us up there
Because time without you here just isn’t quite fair.
But we know that in a better place you are
And I still know that you aren’t really far.
I know if there’s a time when I need a smile,
I’ll find a penny, and I’ll smile quite a while.

Larry W. Chapman 5/27/47 - 2/26/03

My uncle was the most annoying and aggravating man I've ever known. In the last 18 months of his life, I grew to love him more than anyone. I can't tell you what I'd give to have him annoy the shit out of me just once more.

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*Lissa* said...

Oh, love this! ((Hugs))

MitaKay said...

Awww - my eyes got all teary on this one!

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