True Confessions: Feb 23rd edition

I realized as I was writing this, that I could go on and on and on. But I won't. A lot of these aren't diet or exercise related, but I thought you all would enjoy.

1. I had cake again yesterday. It was a small piece of cake, but still.

2. I drank Sam Adams instead of my usual lite beer. Sometimes a girl just wants a better quality beer.

3. I once strategically placed my fart machine in a neighboring tailgate by rolling it down a hill. It came to rest near two drunk fellas. Each time I pushed the button to make the machine go off, the dudes kept glancing at one another as if to say, “did he just do that?” I also found out that it’s fun to place the fart machine under the port-o-potty.

4. I have the sense of humor of a 12 year old.

5. I love my new BlackBerry. I wonder if it’s wrong to love a phone as much as I do it.

6. I don’t care if it’s wrong.

7. I love terrible movies. Examples of these movies include Space Camp, The Postman, and Episodes I, II, and III of Star Wars.

8. Related: I’ve also been known to love bad TV shows. Examples of these include Earth 2, The Class, and Kids Incorporated.

9. The thought of a day at the Spa gives me willies. I don’t like massages and have never had a pedicure. The thought of someone touching my feet grosses me out.

10. It’s Monday, and I’m ready for Friday.

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*Lissa* said...

I have never heard of those TV shows. I do love bad horror movies though.

AND where on Earth do you obtain a fart machine?

Christy M. said...

Oh, my! If you hate the spa, just wait for my post tomorrow! You'll laugh. It's like you have ESP or something!

Yeah, where does one get a fart machine? And does it really ROLL down a hill? How big is it? Can you take pictures for us?

I ate rice krispie treats with chocolate chips, marshmallows, and peanuts in them tonight. Two of them. YIKES!!

DALewis said...

You sound like my sister! A fart machine would be a fab-u-lous gift for her. Do tell me where to get one of those. LOL.

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