Weigh-In Day: BYE-BYE 150s!

It’s weigh-in #5 (it is #5, right?) for the Looking Fine for Valentine’s challenge over at the Sisterhood. I have no clue how this weigh-in is going to go. I’m so close to reaching the next set of tens, but when it comes to weight loss, sometimes, so close can be still very far away. I FEEL pretty good about the week. I worked hard to make sure that my one super bad day didn’t hurt the rest of my week. But you just never know. So, that said, drum roll please:

Last week’s weight: 151.0
This week’s weight: 149.4

I swear I didn’t think I read that right, so I got off the scales, waited a few seconds, and got back on the scales. Yep. That’s what it said. Man, I can’t even tell you my level of excitement right now!! The 140’s! I haven’t seen this weight in, years! YEARS! And you know what? I’m proud of myself. I don’t say or think that nearly enough but I am. I’m very proud of myself! You know, this thing called weight-loss isn’t something I love. I know, you’re shocked. But I LOVE the results. That’s all you have to do…find what you just love about all of this and let that be your motivation! Sometimes you're going to fall off the wagon and sometimes you're going to need to lean on someone else, but if you put for a real effort to try to live healthier lives, then you should be damn proud of yourself too!

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Christy M. said...

I can't wipe the smile off my face! Way to go girl!!!!!!!!! I'm so proud of you. You've worked hard and totally deserve to roll around in this moment!

Mommy Mo said...

That is awesome!!!!! So you had one night of FUN and still lost- you rock.

ValleyGirl said...

You SHOULD be proud of yourself! You've EARNED it!! Way to go!!!!

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