"Love You Forever"

My minor in college was K-8 Education. I had every intention of becoming a teacher when I entered college. Then why am I not teaching? My senior year, in my third internship (out of 4) I had to break up a fight between two 7 year old boys that left me with scratches across my face. Reports were filed, parents were called, and I left the school that day knowing that teaching was not for me.

Still, I liked most of the Education classes. My favorite was Children’s Literature. Once a week in this class, the professor would read to us. I’ll never forget the first book she pulled to read to us. It was one of her favorites, she said. And by the end of that class, it became one of mine. This was the book:

I loved it so much that I went immediately and found myself a copy of it. Have you read it? No? You must read this book. There wasn’t a dry eye in the class by the time she was finished.

Today was my usual “Family Day.” Every Sunday I head over to my parents’ house. We get my nephew and then eventually, when he can drag himself out of bed, my brother shows up. My intention is not to bash my family here. I love my family. But we’re just different. So, some Sundays I leave my parents’ house shaking my head.

I tell people that I tell my friends, “I love you.” Sure, there are the “I love you” times with my family, but that’s just not how we are normally. And unfortunately for me, I need that type of affection more than most of my family can give it. Yes, it sucks, but I’m okay with it now.

I’m lucky to have friends that I also call family. Very lucky. They are people that have truly touched my heart more than they can ever know. They make me laugh, they let me cry, they let me be me (100% me), and they know that I’m there for them always. So, to those friends I would like to say:

“I’ll love you forever,
I’ll like you for always,
As long as I’m living
My family you’ll be.”

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Christy M. said...

That book makes me cry everytime. EVERYTIME! You're such a great friend and I love you, too!!

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