True Confessions: March 16th

My confessions:

1. My dad requested homemade mac and cheese yesterday, my mom made homemade mac and cheese yesterday, I ate homemade mac and cheese yesterday.

2. However, I only ate a very small portion and ate tons of green beans instead.

3. I was proud of myself for that one.

4. I didn't drink the water like I should have over the weekend. In fact, I let myself get dehydrated.

5. Now I'm paying for that.

6. I think I'm back on track now though. I've hydrated-up all day.

7. I've been in the bathroom all day because of #6.

8. I only have to work two days this week! I think all work weeks should be this short!

9. One of my favorite holidays is St. Patty’s Day. Guess what tomorrow is, guess what the next day is…I swear I’m going to TRY not to blow weigh-in.

10. I own two copies of "In the Life of Chris Gaines". You know that CD that Garth Brooks made as an alter ego? Yeah, never mind. Forget I just confessed that.

Seriously, forget #10.

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Christy M. said...

I'm totally confused by #10. Garth Brooks did wha?

Homemade mac n cheese. Oy. You did good though!! So proud.

Glad you're feeling better and enjoy your short work week!!!

Mommy Mo said...

Homemade mac and cheese? YUMMY!!!!

I'm with Christy- I have no idea what you are talking about in #10!

Dawn@Embracing the Ordinary Life said...

I love homemade mac and cheese...I too got a bit dehydrated over the weekend...I'm still giggling over #10

*Lissa* said...

Um, #10... NERD. ;o)

I just found a yummy recipe for baked mac today on WW... I even went to the grocery store and bought all the ingredients!!

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