The Parrot and The Shepherd

To be a German Shepherd, Kelci can sometimes be incredibly stupid. I love her, but I swear she never learns. Cagney, on the other hand, is the most intelligent animal I have ever come across. It’s spooky sometimes.

Cagney isn’t your everyday friendly bird. In fact there are very few people that she does like. I’m convinced that the only reason she likes me is because she’s figured out that I control her food. (For all of you that are afraid of birds, don’t be. She won’t bite…unless you stick your finger in the cage!) Cagney also has quite the vocabulary. Yes, this includes a few cuss words, but I swear she only learned one of them from me!

So, one of the things that Cagney has learned from me is “Kelci, come here.” And she has figured out that Kelci will obey this command every time. So, what happens almost daily at my house is this: Cagney gets down on one of the lower sections of her cage. She puts her head down all sweet and innocent-like and says, “Kelci, come here.” Sometimes she has to say it twice, but every time, Kelci walks up to the cage, expecting I have no clue what. As soon as Kelci puts her nose to the cage, Cagney pecks the hell out of it. Then heads back up to one of the top perches(sometimes laughing), and Kelci is left there dazed and confused.

I have to admit, this is hilarious to watch. I’ll even say, “Don’t do it, Kel.” But the dog never listens once the command has been given. This is a dog that can open the storm door, turn on the water faucet, and once figured her way out of her crate, but she can’t learn to stay away from that bird. She even is so dumb to walk up and challenge Cagney every now and then. Cagney wins every time. If Cagney ever gets out of her cage while Kelci is in the house, I’m putting my money on Cagney.

My cocker spaniel? Cagney has tried to give her “kisses”. Go figure.

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Christy M. said...

While I was reading this I could totally envision Kelci lazily strolling over to the cage as Cagney waited with baited breath to peck away. Poor Kel!!

So what cuss words does Cagney say? I think that's hilarious!!!

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