True Confessions: March 30th

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1. I had beer every day this past weekend.

2. But I didn’t go crazy.

3. I also had one of these.

But I just ate one. See that small one on the top row on the left?? That’s the one I ate. I used to would pick the biggest one. Or two. Okay, sometimes three. (Which is nuts because I don't have a big sweet tooth!)

4. I also ate 5 big marshmallows. Did you know that 4 marshmallows = 100 calories? That may seem like a lot, but the 5 were enough for me.

5. I ate lots of veggies, only a spoonful of potato salad, and only 5 Guiltless Gourmet chips. (I had a hamburger, too.)

6. So, I thought I had done well, considering I was tailgating.

7. The scales disagreed this morning.

8. Then I found out that evil monthly visitor decided to show up today. I hate her.

9. I let my German Shepherd sleep with me every day last week. This does not happen often, but I needed it.

10. I went on two dates this past weekend. This is a record for me. The third is Friday. What the hell has gotten into me?

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Christy - The Sisterhood said...

I think you did a great job tailgating! Not bad at all! I'm proud of you for making smart choices and knowing when to stop! I don't know if I could have maintained my self-control around those chocolate things!

And WOOOHOOOOOO on the third date! YAY!!!!!!

Boo to Flo. She's knocking on my door as well. Stupid.

*Lissa* said...

Hello! Flo is here too. Sucky.

Sounds like you were pretty in control of yourself! Woo-hoo!

And yay to date #3 you sexy thang you!

Tiffany said...

Good job on the food. I was not so motivated this week! And I went to 2 parties this weekend where alcohol was involved. I tried to be good, honest!

And 3 dates - you go girl!

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